A Little Quetzal


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Vlad Gerasimov 18 October 2012
Ubuntu 12.10 (code name "Quantal Quetzal") is (almost) released, and I  am proud to say this is second release of Ubuntu OS that includes my wallpaper in default set! With a touch of Photoshop, I turned my little hummingbird into a quetzal :-)
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Kelcey 18 October 2012
Once again you introduce me to a gorgeous little creature I've never seen before. Great work Vlad)
Нана 18 October 2012
супер!мне очень нравится
CSRedRat 19 October 2012
Классный Кетцаль!
Caro 19 October 2012
Guau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Es uno de los fondos de pantallas más hermoso que has hecho, me súper encantó!!!!! Eres genial!!!!, muchas gracias!!!!!!
Dojo 19 October 2012
I love the picture, infact I chose your pangolin as my default wallpaper for 12.04 also :o) However I'm not a fan of the brown, so for 12.04 I committed the blasphemy of tweaking the colour palette to give everything an aubergine glow. Is there any chance you could produce a version of this with an aubergine background?
ana 19 October 2012
really nice picture. love it :))
Maynor Marino Mijangos 19 October 2012
Excelente, el ave nacional de mi pais, Guatemala, GRACIAS.
mogoh 19 October 2012
Your work is amazing! =) I use Ubuntu and searched for the person who created this wallpaper and found you. And now, I see, you have even more amazing Wallpapers! Keep on! =) greetings from germany.
George Mariot 20 October 2012
Excellent work, as always!
Flo 22 October 2012
Amazing work! I'm using it, as well as the pangolin back then, as my wallpaper. Thanks a lot for this outstanding work!
Leo L. 22 October 2012
Beautiful, as always. But I must say that the background color used in this one is almost the same as many others you released these past weeks. It becomes a little boring !
Hugo Rodriguez Samano 22 October 2012
Excelente diseño... Colores perfectos. Muy tierno !!
Caline 22 October 2012
I'm in love with this one Vlad! Great work, you are a wonderful artist.
treeone 23 October 2012
классная обоина. и сайт клевый)
Bill 25 October 2012
Vlad, your pictures are fantastic. Congrats on getting the 12.10 desktop.
Guillermo 27 October 2012
Carlos Diaz 28 October 2012
WOOOoooooOOOooW definitivamente esta hermoso! siempre hacen imagenes muuy lindas pero ahora si se mandaron ! El Quetzaltal ave simbolo de mi Guatemal!!!!!!!
cocafe 11 November 2012
Клим Пустовит 11 November 2012
Очень прикольный Кетцаль!
Vida Hernaus 13 November 2012
Sweet! :)
Claudia Maria 20 November 2012
Gracias por dibujar a nuestro Quetzal. Thank you a lot. I love it.
Maximum 20 November 2012
So adorable! I love this one! You should really make a google chrome with this! It will be a great hit and good advertising too! Amazing! Good job once again!
Namaskar 23 November 2012
Was my desktop wallpaper until today. Love it & loved seeing it every day on my computer. Thank you for your wonderful work & imagination.
yuxuan 24 November 2012
Caitlin Archer 29 December 2012
Soooooo cute!!!!!!
Emir 21 January 2013
El pequeño Quetzal está súper dúper, muy tierno y hermoso. Gracias.
Линекс 27 January 2013
Нормальная обоина. Поклею у себя
laura 19 March 2013
Awesome work!!! Been a great follower of ur site for years and i must.say you never lose ur touch
Rahim 5 May 2013
Karla 29 July 2013
Felicitaciones!!! es una preciosidad, es el ave nacional de Guatemala y te quedó lindo!
Raymond 24 February 2014
سلام...عالی بود ...دمت گرم
Андрей 11 March 2014
Автору низкий поклон!!! Это была моя любимая обоина в 12.10, сейчас я её снова нашёл!
ARTURO MASSO 13 May 2014
loreina 15 August 2014
waOoOWoO cute and a nysio birdiii
Andrea Bradbury 20 October 2014
Elsa 10 January 2016
Hi Vlad I like this very much but can you try another one in blue? Thanks Elsa
nalan 16 January 2019
Pam 21 January 2020
♥ Thank you so very much ♥ Love this one ♥
Laura Brown 21 May 2020
One of my all-time favorites!
Pam 18 December 2022
Thank you