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Vlad Gerasimov 17 April 2004
really no idea what descriptoin it might have...

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Monika long ago
Why it has to be lonely?:(Make him a friend:)
hottemoslut long ago
this is so me i love it just like trevor
OtchX long ago
Richard Albury long ago
Lovely and haunting. However, the 1920x1200 file is actually 1920x960. :-/
Arshya Iran long ago
God Is Alone
atena long ago
any of the human being is lonely in his way...
UnLike long ago
Ïðîñòî çäîðîâî, âåëèêîëåïíàÿ èäåÿ.
Luzma long ago
qu? jirafa tan preciosa y solita
donat long ago
nagyon szép a kép! this picture is very nice!
sayan long ago
Neither bad, nor good
asuana long ago
êàê ÿ åãî ïîíèìàþ...
César Osorio long ago
Expresa perfectamente el significado de "soledad" (lonely). Saludos y felicitaciones desde México al artista.
Lala long ago
um...groovy: -|
Bubblegum long ago
maaan! you have talent.. your work is the best stuff I've seen in a while
Annabelle long ago
Vlad, your work is exquisite. You evoke so much with such minimal line; it is a truly elegant style you have. This work in particular touched me, though I am a great lover of all your art. Each piece fills me with both joy and sadness, a child's innocent enchantment and an adult's realization of all that's been lost. Thank you.
MRL long ago
(u) Just how Im feeling..... this picture is so simple yet so very expressive..... :-S
tubamann long ago
I must admit this picture really brings emotions streaming. So damn sad picture :-(
2100 long ago
quote: "really no idea what descriptoin it might have... "
firecrescent long ago
ooooooooh neato i like that...i have a question though. is the giraffe an intended motif? just wondering, i like it heh.
pull0 long ago
Fantastic just like rest of your works
Kurt Afterworld long ago