Lower Antelope canyon


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Vlad Gerasimov 22 March 2018
Lower Antelope canyon is one of the most spectacular natural wonders I've ever seen. For this wallpaper, I took one of our photos, and painted over it using abstract vector curves. This is the first wallpaper I (almost) completely create in Adobe Illustrator, not Photoshop! I had to invent a couple of tricks to speed up the drawing process. The result is somewhat unexpected, but I really like it. I hope you will like it too :-) For V.
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Marko 22 March 2018
Beautiful work, Vlad!
Roberta Hudgins 22 March 2018
Patrik Sucharda 22 March 2018
Hi Vlad, this is wall-art-paper. ♥
Kelcey 23 March 2018
I definitely like this, it's stunning!
Geoff 24 March 2018
Very clear, very bright - i like it a lot
Jaideep Nadkarni 24 March 2018
Livanco 24 March 2018
John P. 27 March 2018
One of your best!
Nicolas Antoniades 28 March 2018
Gary Haugen 5 April 2018
Thank you. Very nice.
bob 8 May 2018
giovanni d\'Adamo 12 May 2018
This one will last a lot of time on my desktop hihihi
Isaac K. 24 May 2018
nice my guy
Paolo Mazzi 24 August 2018
you've got such talent...finally found THE desktop
Salman Siddiqui 22 September 2018
Daniel Morgado 11 October 2018
Your art is sublime Vlad! Thank you!
Alireza vosoughi 13 October 2018
Jason Rich 5 November 2018
Love It!!!
Seungho Choi 27 November 2018
Brigitte J Bone 10 April 2020
WOW! Love this "mistake" you made :) Superb!