Medieval Thing

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  4 October 2004
inspired by  a medieval european history book. Used black gel pen and photoshop.

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Jaideep  ·  long ago
Earthy & B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!! (L)

undead faery  ·  long ago
I like the designs on it, how they're just intricate enough, but not too complicated. And the colors that go with them are so nice and warm and becoming lively. I like this medieval thing :)

atena  ·  long ago
great as always

Lugan  ·  long ago
ya it aint bad but who really cares whoever made this website was on crack Ya,:-p

shogy man  ·  long ago
i ment (N)(N)(N)(N)(N)(N)(N)(N)* infinity

shogy man  ·  long ago
this is a peic of crap wat the heck is this i hate it(Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (U) (U) get a war pic way better than this crap

Bigfoot  ·  long ago
Awesomely cool wallpaper.(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y) Use it on my home PC. Looks like a cool floor design inside a cathedral.

Boris  ·  long ago
The colours are awesome!

Carmen  ·  long ago
I'm gonna die with so much beauty!!! This is gorgeous!!! I want to live in the worlds that you create (L) :-O (Y)

nadeem  ·  long ago
very beutiful (y)

Rohini  ·  long ago
I think this is my favourite...lonely bicycle and trees with labyrinths r good too n day n night.

Seth  ·  long ago
it really is very bad.

Seth  ·  long ago
it stupid get a medievil war pic. (N) (N) (N)

nathen  ·  long ago
that is a horrible picture, it looks like something my little sister would draw. (n)

bob  ·  long ago
cool :-)

Elusive  ·  long ago
The way the drawing contrasts with the "drops"..just killed me.

Ibrahim  ·  long ago
Amazing Art (Y)

libbywoods56  ·  long ago
Love it! Hope you do more medieval pictures as they are a wonderful change from scifi. Do you do WindowBlinds, etc., too? It would be wonderful if you do.

Maryam  ·  long ago
Its looks like you're looking down at an arabian tent!!

editrix (nhanger)  ·  long ago
reminds me of a stained-glass window -- but done by Gaudi (the art nouveau Spanish architect).

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