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Vlad Gerasimov 19 October 2004
if you've had as stressed time as I've had, you will like this quiet artwork on your desktop as well.
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Princess long ago
I love it!!!!! Purple is my favorite color!!!!!!
kusuma long ago
Biasa aja tuh
lindsay long ago
omg im loving is so much it is so cool. (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)
chitribe6@aol.com long ago
thank you- it is a very calming picture
sannn long ago
nice to see me here
kevin long ago
Kruppt long ago
Thumbs Up! Another Cool Paper! Kruppt
William long ago
One of my favs so far.
ömer long ago
vay be gavır yapmış gine .
JLM- USA long ago
wow this is awesome keep up the good work. One of your best!!!!:-) :-D ;-) (Y) (L)
goyc long ago
Zsír lett :)
TITAN long ago
I AGREE WITH U Princess!(Y);-)
titan long ago
i (L) IT!!!
daniela long ago
BEAUTIFUL. Your art is amazingly refreshingly gorgeous. Congrats.
piyus h saini long ago
your wallpaper collection is real good man :-)
kks long ago
Anton long ago
Maryam long ago
loving the mountain effect! very simple!
Donna Kowall long ago
My blood pressure just dropped 20 points. Thank you!
MaGaLy long ago
AmAzInG :-o ... I LoVe (L) It ... WeLL DoNe (Y)
MaGaLy long ago
A Baillargeon long ago
No words can truely express your vision of art!!!!!
Suzanne long ago
I like the general idea but it's too minimalist for my tastes. How about a version with more detail?
zlato long ago
kakva dubina, boje..... odlicno!
ssc long ago
says a lot - very well done...
daisy long ago
Doesnt Get Much Better Than This. Thanks Vlad. (L)(L)(L)
omg long ago
if this is the low-quality version what does the high-quality version look like!?!?!?!?!?!? omg.
Elusive long ago
One of my favourite colours.Soothing.(Y)
David B. long ago
Makes a wonderful backdrop!! Reminds me of one you did around Christmas time of 2003, with the glow on a far off peak . . . great effect. :-)
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
David - you're a long-time visitor! :-) Thanks.
alee long ago
Marija 18 January 2008
Fantasticcc ....
Alexis 13 July 2009
Ivanes Gabriel 7 March 2010
Pam 7 February 2022
Thumbs up !!