After The Rain 2

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Vlad Gerasimov 21 November 2004
This is  my wallpaper # 300! As always, created entirely in Photoshop.
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jane o jane long ago
her name like asong i heared befor
vansh long ago
Omid long ago
so farihave 230 of of your wallpapers
milad long ago
how do ya make such a glassy effects i maen what kind of program you'd used! photoshop or something else?
ONUR long ago
soo pure to listen (Y)
Jezza long ago
caroline long ago
hot wallpaper
Jury long ago
I like the idea :) ! Looks very nice.
zergi long ago
mu xulo, mu xulo
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
reply 2 zergi: what language it was? :-)
crystal pegasus long ago
enchanting :-)
Mathias long ago
Very beautiful and calm. i like it! :-)
vicki long ago
cool (y)
modge long ago
i'm jealous of your talent ;-). very nice work, i love the bubbles.
Jaideep long ago
Thats my kinda blue!!!!!!! I just love it. The subtlety allows the viewer space for imagination. Truly FANTASTIC (L)
Diane long ago
Looks good on my desktop, crisp and clean(Y)
Kitty long ago
WhitefishSC long ago
So simple and so perfect! (L) (L) (L)
Magaly long ago
Chulo, chulo, chulo (Y)
Urosh long ago
veoma lepo
Shelby long ago
Awesome picture (L)
Amjad long ago
Ultimate Design, Marvelous artwork
Krax long ago
Vacker och vilsam för ögonen. (Beautiful and eye soothing.) Astonishing talent in all your work, -this is definitely my favourite wallpaper site! большое спасибо!
Anton long ago
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
To Anton - no, this is not the photo that inspired me. I was actually inspired by the photo, but not by that one. I will try to find it and post link here...
Lisa long ago
Reminds me of the movie Chorellets Web
Anton long ago
to Vlad: OK - but anyway both pictures are beautiful.
penelope long ago
your work is amazing..i m just speachless
SuPeRGurL long ago
(L) very nice ... great work...
mushroom long ago
saz long ago
luv it!(L)
Marija 14 May 2008
Rit@ 14 May 2008
Emma 2 July 2009
I love the idea of the spider web with drops!