Ski Track (Winter depression)

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Vlad Gerasimov 18 December 2004
Winter depression....................
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Jahmal long ago
Thanks brother
is long ago
lan orsp bçcklrsınız ha amınıza koym sizin
sumedh long ago
this sucks get a life loser theses wallpapers r sad get somin funny and cool u shit sucks ur a piece of shit and i think you should abandon this site cause u hav to skill u just copy n it sucks...
alo kocayarak long ago
sikmek istiyorum acele am veya göt lazım
alo kocayarak long ago
sikmek istiyorum acele am veya göt lazım
alo kocayarak long ago
sikmek istiyorum acele am veya göt lazım
SCWID long ago
This is simplicity art. It is good and simple. Why would you guys down Vlad for making this? He puts so much into his other works, he is entitiled to do whatever he feels. I personally like this. Very simple, yet when I saw it (even before reading the name) i imagined hearing "....swishh......" nothing more, nothing less. That says to me, he know how to capture the essance, and what he is feeling. thats is what art is all about.. Good work!
ehu long ago
seni sikmekj isterimö
yiğit long ago
ananızın amı
tugay long ago
john zzz long ago
yhank you for your work
john long ago
dobidop long ago
kagi long ago
lan amcıklar nasıl konusuyyorsunuz yarak bulluler am buglamaları
sanane lan long ago
sdfjdçgş.kdfjyghtgd wb bnşfeo*ofhvvn long ago
ehu long ago
bu ne lan sikis mikis a.g napiyonuz burda :DD:
DestructioN long ago
yuh ulan olum heryerde belli etmeyin nereli olduğunuzu :-P
yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaa long ago
ananın amı
Brenna long ago
That about sums up my holiday spirit.
bekir long ago
sevgili arıyorum
these people are idiots long ago
i like it because anyone can relate to it they just don't think deep enough. everyone has felt like this before lost, alone and unable to predict the future srry some people have nothing else to do but bring people down.
sikişen long ago
George long ago
I like this alot... I can relate
Uday bhatt long ago
it looks simple. i like it.
mehmet long ago
seni sikmek isterim:
fayfun long ago
iki kilo taşak bir kilo yarak üstten bakak ortadan sokak
fayfun long ago
kizlar beni arayin size diyeceklerim var.
mustafa long ago
mustafa long ago
i love u all(L) long ago
aaa long ago
aaaaaa ,
CROLL long ago
Великая Депрессия!!! Классно! Молодец Владик!
Diane long ago
not very festive (N)
Diane long ago
If you don't like this time of year this would make you feel worse? :-(
Diane long ago
Are you feeling down Vlad? (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L):-O
ivan long ago
muy bueno che
Donna G. long ago
(y)I like your work Vlad. Depression is barren and lonely. Much like this work of yours. And depression is very real for this time of the year. So isn't tranquility. And peace. And you've certainly evoked a sense of that here. Thank you.
Betsy long ago
I think It's great! I love your work, I like the simplicity of the wallapers, especially this one :-) Keep it up! (Y)
someone long ago
Everyone can do better work than this is. It sucks (N)
SAN^2 long ago
Зимняя сессия... Зимняя депрессия.... ^_^
bubu long ago
I like it :)
Eric long ago
Recently I've been diagnosed bipolar and I lost my wife, my friends, my job because of this disease. For the first time I've found someone that seems to understand the meaning of lost and alone. A kind of blinding fog and deafening silence on a road to... who knows? This depression drawing was sunlight for me. Thanks! (but my prefered wallpapers are still in the "characters" section :-))
sikişen ikili long ago
şimdi yorum yapmak gerekirse guzel şikişiyoz o bana werio ben ondan alıyom olay karısık gibi gozuksede gayet basit dışardan bakmak gerekir
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Хе! Не зря сессия-депрессия рифмуются!
Jaideep long ago
With all due respect, this is another expression of a true artist. Who are we to reject it. Give him a break and and let be honest with his feelings. Yet its quite evident that such work is not prefered by most. Like Diane said, not very festive.
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
2 Jaideep: thank you so much for your support. I'd say it is not very festive at all :-) But feel free to reject it if you feel like rejecting. Thanks again.
niss long ago
maybe you should go skiing? ;-) looks kinda warm and cuddly in my opinion. like it very much!
Andrey long ago
yeah... sometimes we need something calm and maybe sad ;)
Elusive long ago
sumedh,not that it is ANY of my business,but either you're smbody that can't evaluate it(and if you can't,please don't burden us like that),or you're just showin off how good you can curse,and last time I checked my BBC,"good" wasn't = "cursing"/"swearing". (N.B.:Could've said it in much,much less words,but first this is not a chat,and second--sinkin' to ppls level was never my point.And I don't want my comment deleted,either.) So,to put it plainly--f**k off.
Gaul long ago
life seems meaningless eh ? is there any meaning in a computer program executing in a computer ? what matters if the computer is switched off ? i dunno, i am a confused soul :-S anyways, the last time i thought so much on a picture was for a picture for alzheimer disease. it had a person's head, the back of which was just fading away.. and the person had a shocking/bewildering expression on his face. whooo, it kind of freaks me out. thinking of which i think i should be contended with my place in the cosmos :-) a happy xmas and new year to you vlad and all :-)
kaya long ago
çok güzel
Any:) 6 January 2008
Jednostavno i slako!
Nora Cserny 5 May 2008
Vlad, people that have never suffered from clinical depression are ignorant. And, I don't mean ignorant in terms of their being stupid, but rather in terms of lack of knowledge. I've suffered from depression since I was 12 years old, and your photo depicts the shades of grey I've used to describe my illness to family members. Yet, they still don't understand. Perhaps this photo will help. Ignore the naysayers; you have the right to express how you feel at any given moment. If they don't like it, they don't have to look at it.
Some1 5 June 2008
Well, i like it very much... a true work of art it not suposed to be what we want it to be, it just... IS and sumedh can fuck off: if u dont like Vlad's Work... get out of here ;)
oddman777 14 June 2008
Vlad, this is one of your best works.
p@bloe 11 August 2008
It´s ok Vlad, you like a real artist has the hability to expres your feelings, even to the people with less brain and sense, that´s another masterpiece
Mariya K-W 12 August 2008
I love it. Simple and clean. I do not get depressed often, still this work of art appeals to me with its clean and elegant simplicity - just the way I like my desktop :)
Urmel 30 July 2009
Nayeem 1 October 2011
This is so different... i mean it spreads a feeling of loneliness in mind... that's why i love this wallpaper...
Ozgur Ozan Cakmak 23 February 2016
So simple yet... so meaningful.