Missing Piece


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Vlad Gerasimov 12 October 2007
I was lucky to find my missing piece - my wife. So, I dedicate this wallpaper to all who is still in the search! Done in Adobe Photoshop, as always.
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Tammy long ago
So sweet & funny!
You're the best long ago
I like your work. Thank you, i found you !
ash long ago
Ron Hughes long ago
I really appreciate this one! Thank you!
Michael Schluetter long ago
Wow i love this one so much!
feng shaun long ago
:) I love it when people really love eachother. The wallpaper is gorgeous.
Marko long ago
Caperu long ago
just incredible!!!!!
Jan Blazicek long ago
Wow for the dog :D
Varje long ago
Serrano long ago
beautiful, as always.
bridget ;) long ago
LOVE IT! oOOOOOooooohhhh Vlad - I
Olja long ago
Excellent work Vlad! I'm simply delighted!
Ruby Pipes long ago
My jaw literally dropped. I love this completely.
Suzana long ago
this was just wonderful, and looks so "3-dimensional"; would be great in a kid's playroom or even a family room, I think.
Tesfaye long ago
OMG!!! This is soo awesome! I love your work! My 4yo daughter loves your work as well. It never ceases to bring a smile to our faces!
Justin Murray long ago
haha. this is so great vlad. what kind of textutre did you use for the background & the pieces? also....halloween is only 19 days away...still awaiting your 2008 halloween wallpaper. keep it up vlad!
Rhonda long ago
This is adorable!! I LOVE it!! Thank you.
LG long ago
It's a bit sad when the missing piece is nowhere in sight... Oh, well, perhaps it will be found in another wallpaper!!!
darthvinyll long ago
good stuff!
Cherry long ago
Totally love it!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!
kacenka long ago
excellent work! :-)
Sabhtarsha long ago
fantastic.... great color combination...
monk long ago
great, great, great
Dusik long ago
o4en offigenno !!!
Sahar long ago
very nice ! I hope he find his missed one
Fady long ago
lucky Wife :)
Anna long ago
It perfect
Anita long ago
That's very cute :-)
Khoa long ago
Very cool!
Clau long ago
Certainly one of your best!! Can't wait for the fall/halloween ones!
Panda long ago
It is soooooo cute!!!
paramita long ago
Brilliant!!! And I feel exactly the same with my husband :). Thank you!!!
Marcos Alcazar long ago
Desde Mendoza, Argentina... Me fascina tu trabajo. Excelente!!!!!
Trang long ago
How lovely! ^_^
ozgur long ago
veryyyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeee
jim long ago
... long ago
interesting !
D. long ago
Amazing , as always
Sneha long ago
My girlfriend's gonna love this! Thank you Vlad!
EmperorUK long ago
Isn't the purple piece on the far left when she turns round the missin piece?
Naz long ago
OMG!!!!! Very brilliant Truly inspiring too..
Tata long ago
Just love it! Thanks for your work, Vlad!
estherka long ago
Hey Vlad, this is so amazing! It immediately became my favorite piece of art from all of your wallpapers! Thanks a lot...
Guba long ago
Sooooooooo funny! Great (as usual) job!
Guba long ago
Funny... and CUTE too!
Spooks long ago
As usual, Brilliant work! Keep it up!
gokben (Turkiye) long ago
mukemmel :) :) :)
ratsnrop long ago
Vlad, I'm your fan.. This wallpaper.. This wallpaper speaks of a love story.. Everyone's love story.. You're amazing.. God bless~
Jaideep long ago
Sahar long ago
It's a real masterpiece! PlZ draw more colorful wallps.(like this) It makes desktop like a rainbow! tnx
Eric Monse long ago
Okay, that's pretty cute!
A long ago
WWWOOOOoooooOOOWWW soooo funnyyy ... soooo Brilliant soooo unique in concept!! ... great job
leitner long ago
i think this is one of your best u have ever made .... thx
giLBERT long ago
yOU are really great Vlad!!!Yahoo!
alex long ago
ïðîäàëæàé â òîì æå äóõå ... òû åäèíñòâåíûé
vvjsgvttttr6667656756 long ago
wow i cant belive how dull it is
ArAsH long ago
Fantastic!!!I love it!~~~Merci~~~
Eneko Tome long ago
It's perfect. Thank you.
rita long ago
amy long ago
Great!!! but i think it should be more interesting if you put the background as black and use other colour to sketch the hands+eyes? just an idea..anyway, im lovin it!!
mikeowar long ago
best wallpaper i've ever had! also, this one makes me feel to do some real puzzles keep up the good work
bltstastesodarngood long ago
sahar long ago
so sweeeeet , love it!!!
fahime long ago
i love it
zu long ago
muy bonito, solo que el color de fondo es demasiado serio, le quito lo gracioso de las caricaturas.
anya long ago
aw cute!
Kay long ago
I like it, it's different and adorable.
islandlady long ago
I love all of your work. This one is so cute. Thank you for sharing your visions and talent. Your gifts are greatly appreciated and admired by all.
destiny!! 5 January 2008
this is cute haha :]
none 10 January 2008
tshaweg that means it's cute in Kuwaiti dialect loOl!!!
simon cowell 15 January 2008
you are killing it big time
Dusty 16 January 2008
It looks like me, except you wouldn't see me holding a sign. Love it though!.
A dude 27 January 2008
Vlad this is SO cute and original, i luv it!
andrew 11 February 2008
I bought a wallpaper cycling program because of your work--I can't possibly choose only _one_ of your pieces of art as my background. This one really speaks to me. Thank you for your work!
di 18 February 2008
I fell in love with this piece of art, it's great!
Saeed 20 February 2008
so generous to give away good version of the wallpapers. Big Thanks and Good Luck
P. 22 February 2008
Very 5z.cena
Laurie 23 February 2008
I love this one- my favorite so far!
tatra 13 March 2008
Loved it . its damn cute.. and very funny.. and sensitive.
Rit@ 27 April 2008
very cute! =] i love it good work vlad you are great!! :)
Maximillian 27 April 2008
Rit@ 4 May 2008
Very cute on but with a little observation:: in this wallpaper there are no pieces like the draw he his showing... I think it isn't his lucky day because he doesn't find her "missing piece". If I was in his place I try my luck tomorrow in a different place!!! :D please tell him to keep looking because he'll find her "missing piece". Just more one thing I wish everyone good luck to find their true love... I guess I'll find it too some day...Well once again great job It's one of my favourite wallpapers... thanks and keep the excellent work!
thx 24 May 2008
good work
=_0 28 May 2008
awesome. thnx!
Angela 28 May 2008
****** 14 June 2008
great idea... great concept....great work... really incredible!!
lando 15 July 2008
whoaa, that's so cute! love it so!
robine 29 July 2008
this is the way the world really is , people are happy , others are a littlebit scared !! but i think vlad you did a wonderfull job !!!!!! ;) really incredible !! love it . . . . . . . . . . . .
Fiz 30 July 2008
I found this wallpaper just after meeting my father for the first time. It sums up EXACTLY how I felt all my life. The day I met him, I felt like I had found "the rest of me." This one actually made me cry. :-)
none 29 August 2008
katrinne 22 September 2008
love it :D thank you so much
qubra 9 November 2008
i love this wallpaper very much... umarım aradığını bulur ... :)
Navil 17 February 2009
Awwwww esta muy kawaii, soy fan de esta web desde hace rato!!!!! Pero este esta tannn lindo!!
Arootin 21 June 2009
just Brilliant!!!
Abigail 18 October 2009
That's so funny! I think I am going to use that.
Abigail 18 October 2009
A.W.E.S.O.M.E. But it would have been A.W.E.S.O.M.E.R if the missing piece was hiding or on a blimp or something. But it is awesome.
Tigi 7 June 2010
Abbi 6 November 2010
I can never find any better desktop wallpapers. You're an amazing photoshopper! This is so cute. We all wonder how you come up with the many details in each one like this- well done. Well done.
Lisa Stephens 30 March 2011
Loving it - very sweet. Just saw it today for the first time when it popped up on my computer with Vladstudio Companion.
kaye 3 November 2012
your works are so cute!
MarcusDexx 2 January 2013
So glad to have found my missing piece! We're 9 years today!
Zahra 10 February 2013
Very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice...!
Nessie 16 February 2014
So true...
AM 16 March 2014
nice & good... :)