Music Eater


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  20 November 2007
Today I discovered a tiny animal that eats notes from my music books! So  I took a picture immediately :-) Please also see previous wallpaper - Letter Eater

Shuang Wu  ·  long ago
great one!!! thanks!

GwenGuin  ·  long ago
WOW!!! What a delicious image you offer!! Your Music Eater is so loveable and innocent. You create such a depth of feeling in your work. GwenGuin

natasa  ·  long ago
vlad you are a genious!!! incredible imagination!

Juan Ramón Fernández Villanuev  ·  long ago
ñam ñam! Lovely

bluhappiness  ·  long ago

Anish  ·  long ago
Some one is eating my notes. check the picture to get the details of 'someone'..

Ariyo  ·  long ago
Vlad, This one is one of the most incredible work that you have ever done. I love it. Thanks

Ampit  ·  long ago
He loves music, undoubtfully. and we love him.

Kareem Khazem  ·  long ago
Lovely! I really love your use of texture and light in this one, especially on the paper and on the animal's body. It makes it feel very warm and cozy...

Sahar  ·  long ago
hmm...special Idea! very nice

Crystal Pegasus  ·  long ago
So nice to be back online after two years and seeing you! This is adoreable.

carolifen  ·  long ago
this wallpaper succesfully makes me smile :) and it gives me inspiration. thanks, Vlad! I absolutely agree with the comments above. *I always love your sense of details-especially lighting, shading, and textures- and of course your imagination (which tickles my brain ;)) in all your artworks* Thanks again!

anusha  ·  long ago
amazing idea!!

anna wallace  ·  long ago
This morning I could not find one of your old wallpapers in my files, so I went looking through your gallery - and downloaded at least 10 pictures that I've missed before! But, the important part is that your imagination and creativity always amaze and delight me! Thank you for sharing it!

LucasDT  ·  long ago

Nancy  ·  long ago
Just amazing!

Rya  ·  long ago
This is so absolutely uber cute ;) I just love it!

Alucard.G  ·  long ago
WOW wonderful..

LG  ·  long ago
So... he feeds on music... like so many of us!! Wonderful work!!

Ludmila  ·  long ago
What is it? Male or female?

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