Music is Power


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  31 July 2007

Idin  ·  long ago
like every time... you are amazing vlad...

12  ·  long ago
nice keep it up

aeeneparsi  ·  long ago
very very good

Ariyo  ·  long ago

michele  ·  long ago
please.. add a saxophone!!

A  ·  long ago
I love it ( like almost all your other works)

Silent listener  ·  long ago
Well-defined contours that specify the identity and differences of every single object (like everything in our reality) with the power of music that blows away those differences and identities, letting the colours (essences) overcome those confines, bringing them to an originary sense (notice the underlined simplicity of the representation, simple signs and traces [maybe it's the first time Vlad goes so easy and 'rough' with the style]). This may not be the way Vlad intended it, but from this point of view (that is mine), this little piece of art really suggests me that 'power'. Oight, this is way too much =P Good job Vlad ;)

nymphetamine   ·  long ago
Very, very nice :)

David  ·  long ago
Sorry to say its crappy not even worth a second on the desktop.

Lucy  ·  long ago
I just LOVE it and all of your work!

Violet  ·  long ago
it's wonderful

pp  ·  long ago

Cristina Go  ·  long ago
This is a super-cool music wallpaper. Keep up the good work!

rezi  ·  long ago
dont listen to them, vlad. it is beautiful

Attorix  ·  long ago
Incredible... like every other peice of art.

lacino  ·  long ago

Ampit  ·  long ago
Wonderful again

mp  ·  long ago
I looks grainier than usual. Did you do something differently? The clouds are rough rather than smooth. Maybe that's just the feel you're going for, but it has a different look to it.

darthvinyll  ·  long ago
good stuff... still when i download the high res, the shade is different than when displayed on the website

Deepu  ·  long ago
Its Very Gud Vlad... u r amazing

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