New Zealand Map

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Vlad Gerasimov 30 March 2009
I designed this map as  a gift, and thought it could be nice wallpaper too. Maybe some of you will find it suitable for their monitors! (Because of map proportions, there are no 2-3-monitor versions, sorry!).
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Jaideep Nadkarni 30 March 2009
A very neat and cool wallpaper. I love the colours used in it. Do those flags represent places visited by you, Vlad? Or does it mean something else?
Vlad Gerasimov 30 March 2009
Jaideep: thank you! Well, almost. These are simply largest towns of NZ, and I indeed visited most of them in South Island, and some more in North Island.
Serkan Gürkan 30 March 2009
I want to do this in the same. How do you show us?
Morgan 30 March 2009
Thanks for this very attractive map of my country. A few comments though: - Mt. Egmont is now officially known by its original Maori name of Mt. Taranaki - 'Tauganra' is actually spelled 'Tauranga' - You have a flag at Taupo (just above the lake) but haven't put the name with it Hope you enjoyed your stay down here! Did you go the Bay of Islands?
Vlad Gerasimov 30 March 2009
Serkan Gürkan: sorry I did not understand what you mean. Morgan: thanks for the notice! I corrected these mistakes. Please refresh the page to see new image. Thanks!
Robert Marton 30 March 2009
I would really like a series of wallpapers just like this one, with all the other countries of the world :) I think it would be a hit success!! :D Any chance for this? Either way, it's a great wallpaper. Made me renew my subscription ;)
Vlad Gerasimov 30 March 2009
Robert Marton: thank you very much :-) Thanks for the idea too, I'll keep it growing in me!
Yangshan Ruan 31 March 2009
It is great to hear you coming visit my country. Kia ora!
Theresa 31 March 2009
Colles Bild!!!
Mina 1 April 2009
Fantastic wallpaper! I agree with Robert Marton and other countries would be fantastic, too. Maybe Australia :-) Great work!
Weeeeeeee 3 April 2009
That's me - i live in Wanganui!!
Jo 3 April 2009
Oh and please turn this into a clock!!
Alice 12 April 2009
Will you do the UK like this? That would be wonderful!! Esp. in time for St. George's day *waves a widdle flag*
Alexei Medvedev 11 May 2009
а я бы с радостью поставил себе обои Pоссии :)
Matt 17 May 2009
Masterton has a flag? where is New Plymouths? :) oh, and Palmerston North.... Great map....
Ivo Dojchev 2 January 2010
I would be very pleased to see a tutorial about how you make maps like these.
nacho 20 April 2012
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sam 10 May 2012
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