Vlad Gerasimov  ·  20 October 2004
if you've had as stressed time as I've had, you will like this quiet artwork on your desktop as well.

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Anton  ·  long ago

sannn  ·  long ago
nice to see me here

Kruppt  ·  long ago
Thumbs Up! Another Cool Paper! Kruppt

zlato  ·  long ago
kakva dubina, boje..... odlicno!

omg  ·  long ago
if this is the low-quality version what does the high-quality version look like!?!?!?!?!?!? omg.

ömer  ·  long ago
vay be gavır yapmış gine .

titan  ·  long ago
i (L) IT!!!

TITAN  ·  long ago
I AGREE WITH U Princess!(Y);-)

Princess  ·  long ago
I love it!!!!! Purple is my favorite color!!!!!!

Elusive  ·  long ago
One of my favourite colours.Soothing.(Y)

A Baillargeon  ·  long ago
No words can truely express your vision of art!!!!!

kusuma  ·  long ago
Biasa aja tuh

piyus h saini  ·  long ago
your wallpaper collection is real good man :-)

daniela  ·  long ago
BEAUTIFUL. Your art is amazingly refreshingly gorgeous. Congrats.

goyc  ·  long ago
Zsír lett :)

alee  ·  long ago

William  ·  long ago
One of my favs so far.

kks  ·  long ago

Maryam  ·  long ago
loving the mountain effect! very simple!

Donna Kowall  ·  long ago
My blood pressure just dropped 20 points. Thank you!

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