Rainy Day


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  7 February 2007
This girl is gonna take some good shots today! :-)

ricardjorg  ·  long ago
this wallpaper is awsome! tanks vlad

sungbye  ·  long ago
good !!

angie  ·  long ago
its so lovely.. like there is more than meets the eye.. there is something in this.. that draws me towards it.. and for the first time, since 18mths, i actually put up a wallpaper on my laptop... it was always a black screen..

ricardjorg  ·  long ago
mmm... you don't see that everyday... good one vlad, as usual

Jie Wang  ·  long ago
So great! I'm drunk from your work!!

Ondra  ·  long ago
Jak prosté a geniální... ;o) Greeting from Czech republic ;o)

ufukgun  ·  long ago
contradiction :)

Lolo  ·  long ago
This is my wallpaper! I love it! I love all of them! (L)

dum dum  ·  long ago
vlad, can u put some purple in ur artwork, plz... ;-) i do really love this site (L)

asdii  ·  long ago
It's cool! I really like it;)

Ramni  ·  long ago
Mitoam begam khieli khobe ' Tavahomie ke man donbalesh magashtam ' W oooooow

aldorr  ·  long ago
The concept is pretty funny, but I think it would be even funnier if the dude with the camera was instead holding a raindrop over his/her head. (Y)

zephb  ·  long ago
this wallpaper is hilarious!

samuel  ·  long ago
Pretty nice... thanks~

naghmeh  ·  long ago
wowwwwwwww very Wonderful, so gooooood.

Benoit  ·  long ago

Anna  ·  long ago
Ahaha, too cute, Vlad. I'm really enjoying this one. Reminds me of a few of my travels.

Cynthia  ·  long ago
Awesome! So nice!. Congrats. ;-)

m  ·  long ago
nice work! (Y)

cam  ·  long ago
beautiful (L) i love your site, your artwork is amazing

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