Rainy Day

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Vlad Gerasimov 7 February 2007
This girl is gonna take some good shots today! :-)

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ricardjorg long ago
this wallpaper is awsome! tanks vlad
sungbye long ago
good !!
angie long ago
its so lovely.. like there is more than meets the eye.. there is something in this.. that draws me towards it.. and for the first time, since 18mths, i actually put up a wallpaper on my laptop... it was always a black screen..
ricardjorg long ago
mmm... you don't see that everyday... good one vlad, as usual
Jie Wang long ago
So great! I'm drunk from your work!!
Ondra long ago
Jak prosté a geniální... ;o) Greeting from Czech republic ;o)
ufukgun long ago
contradiction :)
Lolo long ago
This is my wallpaper! I love it! I love all of them! (L)
dum dum long ago
vlad, can u put some purple in ur artwork, plz... ;-) i do really love this site (L)
asdii long ago
It's cool! I really like it;)
Ramni long ago
Mitoam begam khieli khobe ' Tavahomie ke man donbalesh magashtam ' W oooooow
aldorr long ago
The concept is pretty funny, but I think it would be even funnier if the dude with the camera was instead holding a raindrop over his/her head. (Y)
zephb long ago
this wallpaper is hilarious!
samuel long ago
Pretty nice... thanks~
naghmeh long ago
wowwwwwwww very Wonderful, so gooooood.
Benoit long ago
Anna long ago
Ahaha, too cute, Vlad. I'm really enjoying this one. Reminds me of a few of my travels.
Cynthia long ago
Awesome! So nice!. Congrats. ;-)
m long ago
nice work! (Y)
cam long ago
beautiful (L) i love your site, your artwork is amazing
Anna long ago
Wonderful as all of them. Thanks
BLS long ago
Clever. This one has a nice texture to it as well.
Câline long ago
Thanks!! It make me laugh!
Omid long ago
Great work Kheili Ghashang
Honza long ago
Ty jo :) Musím říct že je to fakt úžasný co ty dokážeš vytvořit. Klaním se a respekt :) English translation : Hey ya :) I have to say that it's really amazing what you can come up with and create. Respect :) Really great site. Go on it's perfect.
Lucia long ago
so amazing !! it's raining umbrellas !!!! and the girl is in the perfect moment to take a orginal photo :-D
mostafa long ago
inja bejaey chatr gholveh sang az asmon miyad
RnY 8 January 2008
sergio 8 January 2008
just a great work. boy, where do you get such ideas ?
eunmin9 29 April 2008
i always loved rain =D thanks
Anastasia 26 June 2008
It's great! I just can't find the appropriate words to describe this artwork... It's a masterpiece! Thx for such a wonderful wallpaper! :-)
THIS WALLPAPER IS SUPERB I LIKE IT VERY.....................................MUCH
lukas 14 January 2009
Hey, maybe try with mushrooms (it's one proverb: growing like mushrooms after rain)
Emma 3 July 2009
Oh my I LOVE all of your work! I mean that truly! keep up the good work! I have a lot of your art!
Arika) 29 December 2009
Я просто поражаюсь вашей оригинальности, Влад:)) Вы непревзойденный мастер!!:))))
sradha 26 April 2010
it's so nice
setareh 7 June 2010
woOow! umbrella city
bella 12 October 2012
this wallpaper is awsome! tanks vlad i realy like it