Sketchy, Unfocused

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Vlad Gerasimov 30 January 2020
A quick drawing of  a quick idea.
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Clare Powell 30 January 2020
Great is all your work!!
Richard 31 January 2020
Roberta Hudgins 31 January 2020
anonymous12 3 February 2020
Amazing wallpaper collections
Michael 14 February 2020
Cool style,thanks for sharing.
Cam 15 February 2020
Please make it in to a shirt Vlad!!!
liweining010715 16 February 2020
it is very interesting
Borshonius 7 March 2020
Lucas 10 March 2020
Very creative!hahaha
Giuseppe Bianchi 23 March 2020
Love it!
普罗米修斯 1 April 2020
Rob 3 April 2020
I follow this page since the beggining, i tracked down this page by old stained grlass blue wich captured my mind, but Where can i find tutorials?
Shannon Hurley 15 April 2020
Omg so creative! How do you come up with this stuff?! So awesome, so witty, love it, love it!!!!
Царь Горох 5 May 2020
Wallpaper clocks хачу! Эль Капитано.
guen 17 May 2020
I love your work. You offer us your poetry, your kindness and your colours. The world is a little bit more beautiful thanks to your works.
森屿云杉 8 June 2020
*chuckles* followed you for a while now. thanks for putting smiles on my face!
kun 19 September 2020
alisa 10 March 2021
how to download?
小涛 12 April 2021
Adrian Chaverri Coto 28 November 2021
Muy ocurrente. Me gustó mucho !