Sky IV

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Vlad Gerasimov 17 April 2004
Another image of sky. Inspired by Greg Martin. Pure Photoshop.

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Belle long ago
This is my favorite one.
ASia long ago
Bardzo ładna i ciekawa tapeta, właśnie ją umieszczam jako tło:)
nikole long ago
bobby long ago
you are the best;im 56 years old this tuesday and you are the one and only; great!!!!!
Dalokz long ago
Looks like a transparant lady in space
amanda long ago
this is very cool ;-)
Kruppt long ago
Another Kool Paper
penny long ago
thats really cool
danielle long ago
Man i would go out with it if it was a guy!! Love it!!(L)
Kate long ago
I probably shouldn't be moved to tears simply by a picture, but it just brings up such a well of feeling I have connected with space. Well done indeed.
KENDALL long ago
johnny long ago
very nice :)
jade long ago
i love it!
mike long ago
Liliana long ago
Wanderfull!! I like it Ithink put it in my computer
Jokker_J long ago
Too D@$n Sexy!
Manda long ago
Niiice.. creepy spacy lookin
betty long ago
Another WOW !! really great
long ago
eat spam long ago
awesome layered effect!!
mcj long ago
Nice art... I'll take it! ... and for Cata timisoara: in english please, not romanian (in order to be understood, of course). Zbye!
Chris long ago
This is Wanderfull!!! I like it, this is cool!
Cata timisoara long ago
MISTOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 BESTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ace 4 January 2008
I love it. Do you think we can get this in clock form?
Marija 18 January 2008
Jovana 30 May 2008
I just love it! I believe I could never make such wallpaper! How do you do it? Just unbelievable...!
Darwon 31 December 2009
How do i set it as a wallpaper
armagan buse33 16 October 2010