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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  17 November 2007
Christmas is coming!

Shelley  ·  long ago
These Christmas wallpapers are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

DAVOOD db  ·  long ago

ewww  ·  long ago
itss fugly

FeRiaL  ·  long ago
I Luv the twinkling stars so much and we now have another two new constellations in the ~ that's an awesome xmas gift for everyone~ thx

friendofraj  ·  long ago

amanda  ·  long ago
I love your winter wallpapers, it is the closest to a white christmas we get in Cape Town, i change it weekly and adore the snowmen

indiangiver  ·  long ago
Very colorful designs

vicky  ·  long ago
Peace the slution of hummanyti

Veronika SK  ·  long ago
Toto je to najkrajšie vianočné (zimné) pozadie, aké som kedy videla! This is the nicest xmas (winter) wallper I have ever seen!

Andy  ·  long ago
I love your website! Keep up the good artwork

caesuras  ·  long ago
I love your work. I'm glad I found your site. I always feel so much better whenever I glance at my phone and see your wallpaper adorning it.

mikeowar  ·  long ago
this will be my xmas wallpaper! thx a lot

meree azten  ·  long ago it!

Sophia  ·  long ago
thank you sooooo very much!!!

cook  ·  long ago
thanks for the wonderful job

Cynthia  ·  long ago
Simply brilliant! Gorgeous! What a wonderful work! Thanks for share it with us!

dodong eborda  ·  long ago
it a wonderful gift for us,its cool

Ashwin Narasimhan  ·  long ago
Its so difficult to pick which one of these to use now.

Justin  ·  long ago
this is my favorite one, although i would prefer a version without the little dipper as it looks extremely out of place. any chance you could put one up without the little dipper?

Ludmila  ·  long ago
Thy will be done in Heaven as it is on earth.

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