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Vlad Gerasimov 25 September 2008
Socotra or Soqotra is  a small archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Horn of Africa. Socotra is one of the most isolated landforms on Earth, and it  is considered the jewel of biodiversity. Surveys have revealed that more than a third of the 800 or  so plant species of Socotra are found nowhere else. Shown on this wallpaper are the Dragon's Blood Tree (Dracaena cinnabari) and the Bottle Tree (adenium obesum). More at Wikipedia As always, Adobe Photoshop only, with little help of magical Wacom tablet. Thanks!
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1900 25 September 2008
kim sunghak 25 September 2008
훌륭합니다!!! Great!!
Richard 25 September 2008
Another brilliant desktop. I don't know how I could live without my lifetime VladStudio membership. Thanks!
Vlad Gerasimov 25 September 2008
Richard: thank you very much :-) :-) :-)
Kareem 25 September 2008
Soqotra is wonderful, and this pays homage to the amazing life there. I especially like the patterns under the ground, they are lovely
Kareem 25 September 2008
Glad to see you're back making wallpapers regularly, by the way: I missed them :)
tp 26 September 2008
simple && amazing
2MB 26 September 2008
WOW! It's amazing!
^_^ 26 September 2008
Mariya K-W 26 September 2008
VLAD!! You make the colours come ALIVE! How do you do this... Amazing.
Mariya K-W 26 September 2008
I mean - look at them! I can't take my eyes off the pink blossoms (or leaves)! And the green leaves of the large tree - how alive is that colour and shape! Wow...
Séka de France 26 September 2008
What magnificent work of art, bravo. I congratulate you and thank you for sharing with us this marvel. Séka
Leti 26 September 2008
LadyChrisA 26 September 2008
Thank you for sharing these with us, Vlad. Your wallpapers are beautiful!! This one is just gorgeous.
Dwane Arthur 26 September 2008
Greetings, This one makes such a great dual monitor desktop. It is just very relaxing. Thank you so much Dwane
EmKa 26 September 2008
That's better :))
Ludmila 26 September 2008
Return to root.
katrinne 26 September 2008
don't like it.. it's a little bit strange. :S :(
Christina (Australia) 26 September 2008
I agree with Richard. My Vladstudio lifetime membership was the best money i ever spent! I am so very happy with your amazing work and talent! Vlad you are very inspirational & wonderful!
Eric HORNEWER 26 September 2008
It's so elegant. I really like the colours and style.
AMPIT 27 September 2008
How nice you are back and giving us such beutiful gifts. Thanks i is so beutiful and simple.
karla 27 September 2008
muy bonito, me agrada!!!
Xavier Robin 27 September 2008
At first sight I found it so-so, strange, artificial... then I read the small accompanying text. I really love those pictures with a true story behind ! Now this is definitely one of my favourite (plus I need to go to Socotra to see it) :)
Xavier Robin 27 September 2008
Oh, I forgot to mention, it's not all in the mind, see for instance ;-)
Aziel 27 September 2008
I like green
Oziel 27 September 2008
I love Vladstudio. Thx Vlad!
Jaideep Nadkarni 28 September 2008
Simple, Natural, Elegant!!!
Rahul Kandathil 28 September 2008
10x better than 'rock stars'. thanks for comeback! i like this one a lot..
susan nolan 29 September 2008
one of my favorites
mira 29 September 2008
jasna 1 October 2008
I love the combination of colors:-)
Cody 2 October 2008
Absolutely amazing. I have read a few articles on this island and this truly captures the look. Thanks!
Jo 2 October 2008
I check almost daily and change my clock weekly - but I might just keep this one up a little longer.
Esther Tomich 2 October 2008
Fabulous, colors are gorgeous, and this is the perfect match for my new WindowBlinds skin I just downloaded. Thanks very much - love it!
librarian form Croatia 2 October 2008
still in love with your work, put a link on my blog but its in croatian... bye
idk 3 October 2008
I don't know about this.........
JS 4 October 2008
Doesn't matter whether my taste matches the art, I can still see it is a masterpiece! Bravo.
Leila 5 October 2008
more than the picture,your fading note down there impressed me!!really amazing!!and good job as always!
KN 6 October 2008
Davidz 8 October 2008
Great work! It fits perfect on my laptop. Thanks!
George 9 October 2008
I think since I found this site i have never been so amazed at the creativity.
emre 9 October 2008
Helal olsun Vlad super
Anastasia 14 October 2008
So simple ans so beautiful...
mostafa 15 October 2008
no comment
LG 16 October 2008
Lovely!!! My new desktop... I love the colours...
Lefteris Sfakianakis 24 October 2008
三水方子 28 October 2008
杨敏 5 November 2008
Luciano 11 November 2008
The Best!
Thùy Trang 16 November 2008
Đẹp lắm !
Claire Menck 10 December 2008
I love this! Beautiful simplicity... makes a cold Vermont winter bearable.
Claire from Holland 30 December 2008
Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you very much!! Groetjes, Claire
河马君 19 January 2009
Paul Radford 28 January 2009
I think this is one of your best yet. The textures are amazing - it looks like a photograph of an etched litho plate.
Mi SUn Oh 9 July 2009
very good !!!!
perfect clock user 13 October 2009
ART is THIS! congratulations to mr VLAD
--- 20 February 2010
Bon. Très, très bon. J'aime vraiment celui-ci. Merci Vlad!
helena ( Prague) 9 June 2010
sooo nice, I love "dragon bood" it is cure for alomst everything, but I never saw the tree.Thank you for showing me :-)
Kim bap 19 July 2010
i'mso crazy for you 캄사포유 캄사헌디?!
Dana Shai 13 March 2011
Wonderful! So precious and delicate. Thank you. You visualized my dream.
Pom 20 August 2011
So wonderful
Sabine 30 January 2012
Oh my, this is so so lovely. The green is so soothing to the eyes. Thank you, i'm going to use this a lot.
Im :) 10 November 2012
Love the little one ;)
Darxicus 20 March 2013
My favorite Vladstudio wallpaper :D
Areg 13 June 2013
I luv ghis pic, its amazing...