Stay At Home, Stay In Touch


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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  23 March
My tribute to everyone self-isolated curing coronavirus. Do stay in touch!

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Peter Petto  ·  23 March
Love this wallpaper. If you every feel inclined to put out a variant without the words, I'd love that too. (I think the picture tells the story without them.) And thanks again for so many great wallpapers!!

Sylvia fadl  ·  23 March
Just Awesome

Kris Johnson  ·  23 March
I can't change out all my wallpapers fast enough, love it.

Kelcey  ·  23 March
I've been wondering if you might delight us with a beautiful new wallpaper at this difficult time. You have surpassed all my expectations (and they are very high:) Thank you Vlad, the world needs more talented and generous artists like yourself. Take care.

alessandra  ·  23 March

Steven Forster  ·  23 March
Beautiful wallpaper, Vlad. To Vlad, and all of my fellow Vlad fans, take care, stay safe and see you all on the other side of all this.

Shauna  ·  24 March
Lovely !

Nisia Thornton   ·  24 March
Thank your for continuing to share your artistry with us, and for your special offer in this difficult time. NT in Kentucky USA.

Gianpaolo  ·  24 March
Grazie Vlad! Bellissimo!! Viva l'Italia!

Peter Petto  ·  27 March
Thanks so much! So delightful!!

minh thư  ·  28 March
xinh quá

Richard  ·  28 March
Very sweet....thank you.

Natalia  ·  29 March
Nice..I came specifically to see your take on this difficult situation

Cornélia Castro  ·  31 March
What a beautiful image for helping an important message!

J.D. Haltigan  ·  31 March
Great one! Vlad: are you still sending email updates when you release new artwork? I have missed the last few for some reason.

Duane Miller  ·  7 April
Thank you for all of your wonderful art.

MANAS MALVIYA  ·  11 April
Thanks for your kind words.

Matilde Lopes  ·  15 April
Uma nova experiência!

Anne Alexander  ·  21 April
Your art always make me smile.

Kumar  ·  13 June
Wonderful piece. Apt for the times and as the world starts to reconnect differently and reevaluating itself. Wonder how your next piece be like.

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