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Vlad Gerasimov 30 July 2007
I stumbled upon a small pencil sketch in Internet, called Stountt (unfortunately no author was credited) and was amazed by the mountain drawn there! So  I re-created this mountain in Photoshop. I think it may be illustration for some scandinavian myth - if you know what this is, let me know! Thanks!
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stealthrcn long ago
Interesting... I always have to stare at your wallpapers and think about them. It's sweet.
uwo long ago
may i see the original penciL sketch? and how did you change it into that wallpaper? thanks before
Mohammed Korashy long ago
This Is Really Something Wonderful And Rock! To Put On My Desktop. And Where Is The treasure's Spot ?!!
mkorashy long ago
hi, wonderful
Nuheen long ago
Brilliant as usual
pete long ago
very nice motive and a top quality release as usual
Gerda from Lithuania long ago
Your art is amazing, so sensitive, chilldrish, funny and intelligent in one place.
bye-bye long ago
I don't know..this doesn't say anythin 2 me..sorry!
Luke long ago
I agree with the 1st comment. I always look at them and wonder. Hmm...back to designing my new website!
A long ago
you are amazing... I just love your work
xzibit 8 May 2008
all the wallpaper are so good
Joshua 22 February 2009
A Nordic/Scandinavian funeral eulogy: To have the strength to pass on to the afterlife to become whole, Place the possessions at your feet and return them to the womb of the gods, take a burning torch and shine light upon the possessions so the offering may be seen by the gods, may you and your offering have a safe journey and be received may you be seen as glorious warrior at the doors of gods with your offering and passage guard your people with glory, good health, fertile crops and defend against your enemies once your transformation and energy stands with the gods you shall be remembered and honored as you were in this life and into the next
tuncay şanlı 26 November 2009
I happy, u happy, we happy
xzor 23 May 2019
I like it