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Vlad Gerasimov 7 June 2010
By request, this is the version of previous wallpaper without Atlantis and ISS, sun only. More walls coming soon, I promise! :-)
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Lucy 7 June 2010
Wow! You really read these comments, don't you? :) Love Your work Vlad!
lifeseeker 7 June 2010
Here comes the sun...
Zsolt Peter Basak 10 June 2010
Waiting for those new wallpapers.. :P
italia italia 11 June 2010
This is awsome work we have here!... but please consider doing some special walpapers for the world cup.. maybesome of south africa or italia jajaja.. i love all your work.. i truly do!
Muana 11 June 2010
Thanks ( again ) !
Frodo 14 June 2010
It 's wonderful !!!!!!! Pozdrawiam całą Polskę
Lucy 17 June 2010
Could you please create some World Cup wallpapers? Just to get into the spirit. Socceroos please! :)
Ashwin Narasimhan 17 June 2010
Nice! By the way, what's the status on Who Stole the Moon?
Laura 1 August 2010
nice!! Try it
otsen7 4 August 2010
so glad you made one without the ISS and Atlantis. thanks so much!
4222255547.(!»«!!: 16 September 2010
Marek 15 August 2012
Beautiful work !!!