Sun Eclipse

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Vlad Gerasimov 25 July 2009
Recently, people of East Asia witnessed the longest Sun eclipse in XXI century. For those who did not see it (including myself), here is the digital version of Sun eclipse! As always, Photoshop only.
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Joe 25 July 2009
will 25 July 2009
i saw this on your twitter vlad, such a nice picture. i actually am training myself to be as good as you in making wallpapers and such.
Marc 25 July 2009
Wow, it's really magnificent !
Jacob Bandes-Storch 25 July 2009
Wow! Can we get a blue one, for the moon or something like that?
Dusan Vlahovic 25 July 2009
Adam Moore 25 July 2009
I got you on Twitter now. This is very cool. My shafty Macbook LED panel looks bad as it is terrible with black,s but the PC is rocking it. Nice work :)
Luke Sky Walker 25 July 2009
How beautiful. Thanks Vlad.
Kaz 25 July 2009
I love this, especially the cool radiating lines They look like the field lines of a bar magnet!
Steven DiCastro 26 July 2009
This is exactly the kind of desktop wallpaper I like: Strikingly beautiful centrally, with dark, "quiet" right and left edges - because that's where I keep my desktop icons, and if the wallpaper is "busy" there, it makes the icons difficult to see well. More like this, please!
Marco 27 July 2009
it's ideal for .... Ubuntu!
João Carvalhinho 5 August 2009
I use this one on my macbook when I'm logged in, and use the blue one on the boot screen, so I login and the color switches... I have don this already with your wallpapers, and sincerely, they are the only ones that work just fine... Other artits semm to drag the picture one pixel to the left or the right, or in anyother way, and that spoils the experience of color-switching-uppon-loggin! THxs VLAD... you are still the best!
Abdulrahman Bahlool 6 August 2009
nice one
nic one vlad.thanx alot for the free registration.
Edwardo de Braaca 10 August 2009
Dear Vlad ....oh, man, she's so fine.... that's great THX !!!
lisandro 19 August 2009
nice job,Excellent picture.refresh eclipse
paul 31 August 2009
Looks great on dual monitors. I can't use a dual monitor wallpaper with my dual monitor setup and it works very well repeated horizontally.
MetaLLicA 24 September 2009
good beatiful
manish 7 October 2009
zack 17 October 2009
can you please make one in bright green I love that color and I need a background for my desktop. I cant find any green backgrounds. It can be a bright neon graan but please please, not a yellow -green; ewww that color is so annoying. Thanks a lot vlad your art and you are awsome!
27 December 2009
Great sunrise can't use as wallPaper
SmArTcOOkie:) 31 March 2010
mike 12 April 2010
great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
cat 21 June 2010
its brilliant!
11 August 2011
Darxicus 13 January 2013
Marco: That's actually a really good idea - gonna try that :)
Jenny 5 March 2014
Wow, this is beautiful, you guys are the best!