Tardigrade (Water Bear)


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Vlad Gerasimov 13 January 2018
The tiny tardigrade is the world’s most indestructible species - it  is the only creature that will survive until the Sun dies! Which does not mean they don't need love and tenderness :-) For V.
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Heidi 14 January 2018
How adorable! I love the idea. Tiny creatures don't get enough attention & love.
Roberta Hudgins 14 January 2018
i love this one, everybody needs a hug!
Oziel 15 January 2018
I love you too!
Alborz Amini 31 January 2018
WoW! He/She can give a lot of hugs at a time.
Caro 4 February 2018
It´s magnifique!!!!!!!
Eva Olofsson 16 February 2018
I can't see any pictures! Is there something wrong with the site?
elizabeth macdonald 30 July 2018
This is just so lovely!!
Sylvia fadl 4 January 2019
fan 23 May 2019
James 19 September 2019
Its soooo cuuute
huangxu 23 September 2019
Berry 17 December 2019
Berry 17 December 2019
love and peace
Pam 1 November 2021
Love it ♥ Thank you ♥