The Earth and The Moon

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  3 September 2013
This (very dark and minimalistic) wallpaper represents (almost) accurate scale and distance between the Earth and the Moon.

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Oziel  ·  3 September 2013
Thank you, Vlad for this very inspired return and this quality of finishing in your paintings. I love! Particularly, this one. Thanks again!

Caro  ·  4 September 2013
Beautiful, just amazing.

Adam  ·  5 September 2013
I really enjoy your space wallpapers. I am really looking forward to seeing more, as you've been idle for awhile!

Mike  ·  5 September 2013
Great to see you back in action! :)

Lisa  ·  6 September 2013
Really puts things into perspective. The moon does not seem so far in the night's sky.

Im :)  ·  6 September 2013
Goooooorgeous! Well worth the wait :)

Ali = علی  ·  7 September 2013
they're could be more near! So, bigger objects!!

Lucas Ayres  ·  8 September 2013
pure genious

Aris  ·  8 September 2013
Vlad, we missed you. Thanks for your new work!

gkamper  ·  16 November 2013
Hi, Vlad, four out of six of the monitors in "spaces" show your wallpapers, one of them a clock. Very rarely change them as the wallpaper picture gives me orientation on which "space" I am just now - only way for me to use the spaces-programm. This hear looks great. Would love to see one where sun is included - "in (almost) accurate scale and distance". Have a good time.

Pauliakas  ·  19 September 2014
Vladas gerai uzturbintai pavaro su savo grafika! :)

Alekzandra  ·  1 March 2015
Thanks for these great wallpapers especially this one! God bless!!

Bryant  ·  1 February
Appreciate for your excellent wallpaper ! :)

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