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The Two and the Mouse

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Vlad Gerasimov 12 September 2005
...and yet another wallpaper about the mouse!
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Timm long ago
The Two are regulars on my desktop and everyone in the house loves them. Aafter putting this one on my desktop last night, I found my 8 year old trying to duplicate it on our Paint program. "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." Beautiful work.
Kalinovsky long ago
Great Wallpaper, good idea, i like the size of cursur, one of those two seems to have problems with mouse ;-)
BJ long ago
I didn't know you had music wallpaper?? What is this all about?? I am missing out on all of your creative juices!! Thanks for all of your talents that you share with all of us. My young girls love your work also. Thanks-Barbara Jean
Elusive long ago
Hmm..;-).Girls always get the easy stuff,ah?
Melody long ago
This is just plain cut!! And the color is sooooooo nice and comfy. Green is great for our eyes! :)
dsuviipff long ago
kizrjdxs long ago
tooogiii long ago
i like it
nazz long ago
Novacaine long ago
More more!
asdii long ago
Wow long ago
AMAZING... these should be sold!!!
trisha,16 long ago
that is sooooooo cool!!!!(Y)(Y) i LOVE it!!!!!!! :-)(L)
Laura long ago
superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :)
Steve long ago
My 11 year old daughter loves to find a new The Two wallpaper on the computer when she stays with me and it's a nice way for me to think about her when she's not here...thanks..beautiful work !
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Steve - I guess that's why I've been doing all this! Thanks.
Parzival long ago
So lovely, excellent job!
Stacy long ago
I like it. I find it humerous (L0)
Daniela long ago
El diseño esta padre y me encantan las series "the two", deberias sacar mas seguido nuevos diseños :-D
justin long ago
Vlad ~ Your "The Two" wallpaper series is by far your best work. it combines humor, creativeness, and meaning in every one you create. they are the only wallpaper that can be truly appreciated by kids and adults. i hope to see many more "The Two" wallapapers very soon. Maybe you can create one for each season (ie: The Two and the Leaves, The Two and the Snow) i think they would come out wonderful with your talent & creativity. keep up the good work my friend.
CARS long ago
(Y) : - ) tá fixe ....................
Whitley long ago
the "two" are now my favorite pair ever. so creative and simple but fun.
meliss long ago
mükemmel ötesiiiii !!!!!! çookk beğendimm!!! I love it !!! Veryy cool ! Perfect !!!..(Y)
sam long ago
I agree with Justin, the two series is amazing. Maybe one called "the two and the colours" would be cool too?
bnnnnnnn long ago
nazi long ago
sooooooo niceeeeeeeee ;-)
n long ago
Mathias long ago
sweet :) not often you see "the two" in 3D.
Magaly long ago
I like "the two" Series :)
Arjit long ago
treat for my comp!!
Jose Daniel long ago
not the usual "the two" wallpaper, but I still like it... perhaps the mouse pointer is a little too big?
mike long ago
i love it! i whant it to be if not a logo then a theme of my new interface design services site!
Pav long ago
Man, this is brilliant.
Moo long ago
Awwwww! :)
justin long ago
very very cute. your "the two ideas" are so original. they are by far my favorite wallpapers by you. this will eventually make it on my desktop. right now your creative 'music' wallpaper is gracing my desktop. amazing work! :-D
Alejandro long ago
:-) Amazing !
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Thanks everybody! I really appreciate your comments. Thanks.
Alejandro long ago
:-) What a fantastic piece of art!
trendykid long ago
Nice! Very cool.
Jaideep long ago
Real cute :-D
Sergio Alejandro 14 June 2008
Men you're great !!! Best Wallpapers on the world, no doubt about it, greets from Mexico
marie-ann 24 September 2008
WOW it's! soo cute I love this kind of humor,,, lol,,,, Briliant!!
CoLiq 18 October 2008
I really love it ^_^
Firat Ornek 11 October 2009
that's my favourite vlaaad, u r the best friend of my computer i think =) peace from Turkiye...
SNU.K 4 August 2010
It is little simple. But outstanding
pau 22 December 2011
los dos son uno. Humor, amor, colaboración
Mur 31 March 2019
i cant download this wallpaper.
tracy 27 July 2019
it makes me feel happier~!