The Two and The Sun

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Vlad Gerasimov 17 April 2004
hope you will like it!
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d_nee long ago
Mr. Gerasiiimmmooovvv...!!! i love (L) this artwork, g8...g8...g8...(Y)(Y)(Y)
lis long ago
Ori long ago
Seyed long ago
long ago
You work is just great! I am a fan and will continue being a fan.
long ago
2100 long ago
I luv your latest, as usual. Have you considered taking up the drawing board to do some more, slightly more detailed stuff? I really liked some of you r older patterns and designs.
ks long ago
b0r3d long ago
Reinhart long ago
Good! :-)
yotrdan kolev long ago
fRANCO long ago
One of the BEST!!! (Y)
Whitley long ago
your work is unbelieveable...this is just one of the many I can relate to...
long ago
èñ÷¸ îäèí ðåñïåêò
ami ami long ago
The first thing that came to my mind was "Oh wow... I like that." I think it's a beautiful piece and it says so much about hope and determination. Vlad, I've only known of your site for a few months and when I saw so many comments on "The Two", I had to check them out...I must say, I'm impressed with the simplicity and relavence they have. You are one gifted person and this is amazing. Thank You, Vlad.
Jess long ago
For some reason I really liked this picture. My first take on the picture was "with friends you try anything and everything, even touching the sun." I love your "The Two" artwork, and they are almost always decorating my desktop. Thank you!
Karen 13 January 2008
This has always been my FAVORITE!!! To me this piece represents myself and my daughters. I would do everything in my power to help them to achieve their dreams. They are my sunshine.
najodleglejszy 28 January 2008
wow, itz so beautiful... i didn't hesitate and i set it as wallpaper... itz FANTASTIC!!!
Tito 26 March 2008
very good
::saathiyaana: 13 April 2008
very innocent appeal..!! your 'two' are so cute n loveable..!♥!♥! :14,apr'08:
Birendra 1 July 2011
Love your work ! Very creative !