The Two on The Moon

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Vlad Gerasimov 17 April 2004
inspired by Moby and one of  my previous papers, The Two and The Moon :)
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Heather J long ago
i love this picture! it's really cool and gives me the urge to say "awwwww!" (L)
Tauheed long ago
Nice Art Work
vitupea long ago
kuule, puts, kas sa pedekas oled venelane? ah, pohhui. lahe ikka!
bean long ago
i love this one, definitely my favorite. you are a true artist vlad. thank you for sharing such beautiful artwork! :-)
Liz long ago
Absolutely enchanting....thank you.
Nina long ago
you are good!!!
bogz long ago
very very cool and sweet
mahya long ago
how could you draw it! it's realy beautifull!!!!!!! i'll mail it to my friends!
Cece long ago
This is my's always arouse beautiful emotions when I see it. Keep up the good work :-)
kodiak long ago
excellent only i can say...
pınar long ago
ı lıke it its so warm
jeopardee long ago
very touchingly sweet (L) (Y)
Piotr long ago
(Y) as usual !Keep up the good work :-)
annie long ago
simply wonderful... so dreamy (L)
Ezra long ago
Very cooling in the heat of the summer(Y)
Emmanuel long ago
One word from a frenchie others!
kim long ago
I have it on my desktop and I loooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!
AXEL long ago
Petr long ago
mich long ago
very romantic...(L)
long ago
ïðèìèòå åù¸ ðåñïåêò
wayhong long ago
i feel so warm from this picture! it is really goooooood! (L)
rabear long ago
big sjgh! what a beautiful picture
Norma Jean long ago
Vlad,you're....unbelieveable!!! You just ispired my with your pictures....It's wonderful to have something like this in my life... You makes me...different :-) Love your work (L)
Artem long ago
Прикольные работы, да и сайт прикольный :-) (Y)
long ago
Çäîðîâñêî! Íàøëà òî, ÷òî ìíå ïî äóøå.
nigâr long ago
harbiden bu iki kerat çok güzel
neil long ago
kiddish snap.I didnt ljke it at all
McElroy long ago
I have nothing but to say: it's my duty to admire that beauty.
Charlyk-Marlyk long ago
Jorge 26 March 2008
muuu bueno
fabrizio 5 April 2008
Non so che dire,ogni tuo disegno e più bello dell'altro ,sei un grande artista complimenti. Ciao
uday 31 May 2008
Dusan Vlahovic 4 May 2009
I love this one, great!
tima 13 August 2011
it remembers me my dreams..thanks.its SO romantic :)
shiva 26 October 2011
I love this wallpaper,I use it on my cell phone and pc romantic
Mila 29 December 2011
Nardana 16 May 2020