The Two on The Moon


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  17 April 2004
inspired by Moby and one of  my previous papers, The Two and The Moon :)

Piotr   ·  long ago
(Y) as usual !Keep up the good work :-)

kodiak  ·  long ago
excellent only i can say...

vitupea  ·  long ago
kuule, puts, kas sa pedekas oled venelane? ah, pohhui. lahe ikka!

mahya  ·  long ago
how could you draw it! it's realy beautifull!!!!!!! i'll mail it to my friends!

Norma Jean  ·  long ago
Vlad,you're....unbelieveable!!! You just ispired my with your pictures....It's wonderful to have something like this in my life... You makes me...different :-) Love your work (L)

  ·  long ago
Çäîðîâñêî! Íàøëà òî, ÷òî ìíå ïî äóøå.

Petr  ·  long ago

AXEL  ·  long ago

Nina  ·  long ago
you are good!!!

Tauheed  ·  long ago
Nice Art Work

pınar  ·  long ago
ı lıke it its so warm

Cece  ·  long ago
This is my's always arouse beautiful emotions when I see it. Keep up the good work :-)

neil  ·  long ago
kiddish snap.I didnt ljke it at all

  ·  long ago
ïðèìèòå åù¸ ðåñïåêò

McElroy  ·  long ago
I have nothing but to say: it's my duty to admire that beauty.

Liz  ·  long ago
Absolutely enchanting....thank you.

jeopardee   ·  long ago
very touchingly sweet (L) (Y)

annie   ·  long ago
simply wonderful... so dreamy (L)

Ezra   ·  long ago
Very cooling in the heat of the summer(Y)

Emmanuel   ·  long ago
One word from a frenchie others!

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