The Tree Of Lights (Gold)

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Vlad Gerasimov 3 December 2012
Whimsical and magical! (Blue version also available).
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Kelcey 4 December 2012
This is incredibly beautiful Vlad:)
Daniël 4 December 2012
Just a question, Vlad, are you ever going to make any Skyrim-based wallpapers?
Vlad Gerasimov 4 December 2012
Daniël - i don't think so. I do not play it.
lock 4 December 2012
Well, something Tolken style is always welcome (I know you already did in the past, but they're always welcome). :)
Chantal 5 December 2012
No 1920X1080 resolution?
Vlad Gerasimov 5 December 2012
Chantal, I can definitely see 1920x1080 is size list.
Chantal 5 December 2012
Oups! I was in the mobile devices tab, I can see it now in the Desktop computers tab
Steve Nelson 6 December 2012
Thanks Vlad, looks great. Any chance of seeing maybe 5 different colours? We're fading in / out as a background and they look great going from blue to orange - would love to see other colours!
Im 8 December 2012
Beautiful as ever! Steve Nelson is right - fading in and out of 5 colours would look amazing :)
Daniël 8 December 2012
OK - just wondering, as I'm a huge fan of the game.
Visage 14 December 2012
Love it....
Eugenia 21 December 2012
So magical!!
Stan 23 December 2012
Hi Vlad :-) I don't know where I could leave you a Xmas message, so I am writing here. I wish you a beautiful Xmas, sucessful New Year and good hand in your work. Your work makes me happy all the time :-) And I thank to you for that a lot :-) Also - I have so small hint for you (If you don't know it) - French TV mini-series called "Minuscule - La vie privée des insectes". I think it has similar poetry as your work :-) With regards, Stanislava :-)
Vlad Gerasimov 24 December 2012
Stanislava: thank you very much :-)
Roya 26 December 2012
i love it
Jamie Tabon 6 January 2013
Wonderful wonderful I'm enjoying my account glad I decided to get the premium
Mariya K-W 7 January 2013
Mesmerizing as usual. Love it!
Darxicus 10 January 2013
Hi Vlad, just wondering: when are you going to release a new wallpaper? Can't wait to see it :)
Eason Jia 10 January 2013
memory 22 November 2013
dear Vlad, I love your amazing wallpapers. your works are simply complex! beautiful and deep like a your beautiful complex and pure mind! yeah, your mind is amazing, intellectual and beautiful. So I love your mind!
haci 21 December 2013
Turkiyeye yoneluk calisna bekliyoruz...
Zz Bob 13 April 2014
Oy...This is realistic....Yuck....
vansh 25 May 2014
fancy eiman 13 September 2014
i am a huge fan of your art its beautiful and looks lovely i wonnathankyou for this beautiful picture i am in love with your drawing cool
fancy eiman 13 September 2014
nice picture again lights on a tree
Easterngirl 8 January 2015
the picture is full of novelty and vivacity. thanks a lot. be happy and prosperous.
Emylin 12 January 2015
Your wallpapers are interesting. Add more........
Lekz 26 March 2015
can you have a 2049x1536 Size? Thank you!
MiaAriela Allen 2 November 2018
This is absolutely stunning. I love opening my computer to look at this image even if it means I have to do work as well! :) thank you