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Vlad Gerasimov 3 December 2012
Don't worry, all gifts will be delivered on time! Will they?
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Ana Rodrigues 3 December 2012
So cute! I am sure they will be delivered on time. Loved it!
Lock 4 December 2012
All but one (poor kid). :D
Kelcey 4 December 2012
So many new wallpapers, all of them wonderful:)
Rayy 4 December 2012
Very very nice wallpaper! (Wallpapers and Backgrounds) 5 December 2012
I like your wallpapers very well.
Millynne Brown 12 December 2012
I love it .... a visual for "snail mail" :)
Лена 14 December 2012
хаха, почта РФ? :)
Maryam 16 December 2012
I like the colors matching the designer choose to design this picture. And the way the boxes or sorted. lolz
Rana 30 April 2013
in the name of GOD thanks... very thanks. I love Puzzle very much :D
Amir 4 November 2013
Nice ;)
Jelenki, Swenja en Robby 22 December 2013
Wensen jullie een prettige kerst en een happy 2014 toe!!!
sky petter 26 December 2013
i like it verryyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhhh.
pistol annies 11 February 2014
not bad
Маришка 20 June 2014
Такие чудные и классные обои!Браво!:)
twettwiii 22 August 2014
eiman 4 October 2014
very very very nice love it great picture
vida 19 November 2014
very thanks lovely and great pictures
ronnie 10 October 2015
Olga Ballin 24 November 2020
Thank you very much, very nice image!
Magaly Azofeifa 13 December 2021
So beautiful thanks
CCHlC 25 March 2023