Underwater 4


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Vlad Gerasimov 14 April 2008
From time to time, I get suddenly inspired by underwater scenes. Indeed, when I look at huge mass of migrating fish on  TV or photos, I start to think that someone did a lot of copy-pasting there! So this is what I did in photoshop: a lot of copy-pasting :-) It may seem a bit plain or distractive to you, but I think I like it this way. Thanks!
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Amanda Shumack 14 April 2008
I love it, but I'd also like to see one of the fish with a tophat or something unusual. As is, it makes another beautiful desktop!
James Lane 14 April 2008
This is a great background I love blues on my desktop.
Constantino Soulière 14 April 2008
Arthur Pustynin 14 April 2008
Много-много-много-много красивого копипаста.
Fer 14 April 2008
Amo el azul en mi escritorio tambien, muy lindo fondo. I love blues on my desktop too, nice backgraund
Mohammed korashy 14 April 2008
Nice wall specially the green Can I ask aquestion ? Didn't any one get those who stole the Moon caught ? please tell me because some Morning I might walkup and found the Sun has been stolen ! Those people must be stopped. and vladstudio must do something You can't just stay like this and go underwater Counting fish Man. you're the only one who saw them. Otherwise they gonna steal every beautiful thing in this world and put it in their store or sell it to who pay the price.
Salva 14 April 2008
youre the fucking boss!!!!
Alucard.G 15 April 2008
great。。。 非常棒。。。
Cynthia (AU) 15 April 2008
Great w/paper. Love colors and fishes plus effect is just magnificent. Thanks for sharing with us.
Cynthia (AU) 15 April 2008
Any chance to have a tutorial of Underwater 4? Thanks heaps in advance!
better left empty 15 April 2008
good, but plain add a quirkiness to it or else it looks stale. let the fish actually swirl, let there be actually swirls and swishes of twirling colors, tropical fish mingling and tingling in the soft carribbean sun
John 15 April 2008
Stunning. Vlad you're an inspiration!
Parzival 15 April 2008
Hahahaha, it's a funny concept the copy and paste :D! Wonderful as always!
Charles 15 April 2008
it's cool good job vlad
Oziel 15 April 2008
Another masterpiece. Congratulations bro'!
Emma 15 April 2008
This is my favorite EVER... I LOVE IT!!
KevinA. 16 April 2008
Your best ever, dude!
Christopher 17 April 2008
Thank you. Makes me smile.
dorene 18 April 2008
i agree with christopher..it certainly makes me smile. love it. i find it soothing each time i close a stressful file or folder...then just stare into the blueness..
Christina (Australia) 18 April 2008
sooo calming...enjoy this one very much..thanks Vlad xo
Will 18 April 2008
Dazzlingly beautiful.
love 19 April 2008
ver nice!!!!!!
Jo Standley 20 April 2008
I am a fish person..................it's wonderful just how it is!!
KENZO 20 April 2008
Thank you for your fish!
Jaideep Nadkarni 20 April 2008
Got this unusual feeling as though I'm underwater and still able to breath (without any oxygen cylinder on back that is).
lumeah 20 April 2008
I love your fish two!
maum world~! 20 April 2008
Paolo 22 April 2008
.... have you a fishing rod ? ... great !!
bls 22 April 2008
This is beautiful. The colors are perfect and they really pop. The lines are sharp where they need to be, and blurred where needed too. Excellent all around.
Rit@ 27 April 2008
I love fishs but i don't like this wallpaper because it as got to MAnY fishs... please do one wallpaper with just one big fish and anothers one more small THANH yOu !!
Thanh Vuong 29 April 2008
Try this: Focus on the fish at the centre of the wallpaper. Now relax your eyes. See the 3-D effect?
leitner peter 4 May 2008
one of the best
Margarita Visvydas 4 May 2008
underwater, oceanic, azure beauty -- phenomenal
Missmath 7 May 2008
Ce fond d'écran est absolument magnifique.
Erwan 12 May 2008
Take a look at this photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thailandbeach/2486090114/
bls 17 May 2008
It's perfect just as it is. Everything doesn't have to be cartoony or silly. Understatement is beautiful as well, not that this is understated--lots of motion, nice color, etc.
Kathy 14 October 2008
Kathy 14 October 2008
Chris 6 November 2008
i love this. so calm
Richard Martinez 20 December 2008
Vlad...I absolutely love it. Any chance you can make set these up for dual 24" monitors?
HUYSUZBALIK 27 January 2009
I wold like to see a differend color fish swimming into the opposite direction in this picture. Like me :)
Juliana 5 April 2010
Perfeitos! estou gostando de todos !
Jhock fransua (France) 24 April 2010
Love it
nobody 7 June 2010
the best...
Craig C 26 January 2021
This is my favorite background...love it!