Warli Art


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Vlad Gerasimov 18 February 2005
This wallpaper is done with gratitude to the long-term visitor of  my website, Jaideep Nadkarni, who always keeps me happy with his positive and constructive comments. He pointed me  to the Warli Art, named after a village in the Indian state Maharashtra. By his request, and with great pleasure, I converted some Warli Art shapes to wallpaper format.
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Dronma long ago
GREAT wallpapers!!! A very nice artwork! Thank you! :-)
Shooting StarZ long ago
magnifique wallpaper, j'aime beaucoup les couleurs, tu es un grand artiste ! (l)
prats long ago
its a beautiful painting
R Sankari long ago
I really luv this design
Jaideep long ago
Dear Vlad, This was a lot faster than i expect and the rich effects are truly heart-warming. Thanks so very much. (L)(Y)
Menakshi long ago
Hi Vlad, This wallpaper is truly awesome, hope to c many more such great ones. And yes u have a great fan in Jaideep, he recommended your website to me. Great stuff!
Bingo long ago
Very cool indeed. (Y)
Vitaly long ago
Êàê âñåãäà îòëè÷íî! ×åëîâå÷êè ïðîñòî ñóïåð.
long ago
Ìíîãî å õóáàâî!
Laura long ago
I enjoyed your website--heard about it from a friend. Keep up the great work! I especially enjoyed the indian art. Have anything else like that up your sleeve? :)
Manish long ago
its really a nice one to make the background lively and ethnic...keep it up, keep informed about new developments....Jai gurudev, (Y)
suniti long ago
its a lovely design. very soothing to the eyes. great work...keep it up! jai guru dev
sammy2066 long ago
warli is an indian tribe .... very nice!! keep up the good work vlad!! :)
smilefizz long ago
I really enjoy this design. Im learning about Indians in school and I really enjoy it (Y) :-P
smilefizz long ago
I really enjoy this design. Im learning about Indians in school and I really enjoy it (Y) :-P
smilefizz long ago
I really enjoy this design. Im learning about Indians in school and I really enjoy it (Y) :-P
phlebas long ago
I've had this as my desktop for a few days and there is something very special about the picture.It feels tranquil abut very alive. Excellent, thanks Vlad! (Y):-)
Shiraz long ago
I Hi looking forward to some more enjoyed this one and have put it on my desktop Jai Guru Dev :-)
joseph long ago
Rina Vivekanandan long ago
Hello Vlad Its lovely! Very Ethnic. Rina
Buddhini long ago
This is a very elegant and truely INDIAN wallpaper.............. I really like it.
long ago
Ñïàñèáî çà íàñòîÿùèå êðàñèâûå ðàáîòû! ;-)
Arpita long ago
i just love warli...... this is just so great
NATASHA long ago
Lili long ago
sammy2066 long ago
I am from Mumbai, Maharshtra .... I am truly amazed by your work Vlad ... I am actually Maharashtrian cuz I can speak Marathi ..... Keep UP the Good Work!! Nice to see Maharashtra on the World Scene!!
Leo long ago
Great design... Elegant Presentation... Thank you very much...
sarah long ago
CoooLLLL niCE, LIke Me. Kawaiii ne
EVE long ago
Hrishikesh Raut long ago
Great art. I love a lot of your art work. The warli art is from the place where I come from. The Warli people are one of the original inhabitants of area around Dahanu located north of Mumbai in Thane District in the state of Maharashtra in India. In recent times their art has become famous world over.
Nikhil long ago
Brilliant work...
SACHiNe.... long ago
really gr888..... thx.....
shweta 23 March 2008
rich and fresh colour, soothing to eyes, truly mesmerising.
:saathiyaana 13 April 2008
..its so warming..n radiant...!! ..really so artistic..!! ..great proud for india..!!
pratiksha 25 May 2008
hi vlad thts too ethnic nice n with a traditional touch...small info for u, u now these warli tribe people paint these on their houses only in white they use rice paste for it they do it by bamboo stick n on maroon background..ur art is also good n modified elegant one
greeshma 12 July 2008
prashant 4 September 2008
Great work .......... Keep it up
poland 4 September 2008
katrinne 4 September 2008
(l) love it
Shona 19 September 2008
I am really a fan of warli paintings and would say that you've really done a good job by sharing this amzing wallpaper for all the art lovers. "Warli paintings depict human emotions....overall this art is a true beauty lies in simplicity stuff"..... Thanks a ton!
Aravind 13 November 2008
Gud work... Hats off....!
subodh keshav gokhale 25 March 2009
excellent.. excellent.. excellent.. only one word.javascript:void(0)
Rajsekhar 25 February 2011
Great stuff. Touches the Soul.
Clayman 5 February 2012
Amazing piece, it will look great on my desktop. ;) Keep it up, m8.