Where Smiles Are Born


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  5 February 2006
Ever wondered where people get smiles from for their forums and blogs? They gather them on secret fields, carefully searching for them among pea pod! :-)

Heidi  ·  long ago
I'm going to buy this one for a friend's baby so sweet...

a  ·  long ago
(L) it

siberia  ·  long ago
It can send you back to the childhood! 这是一种可以让你回到童年的色彩!

Julie  ·  long ago

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
To Demeter: because they are available in high quality only. Thanks.

Demeter  ·  long ago
You are writing that all of your nice and fabolous wallpapers are for free in low quality, yep? So why i cant download dual-monitor wallpapers? Thn. De

kevin  ·  long ago
more smiles

Tauheed  ·  long ago
Nice Very Nice :-P

chussey  ·  long ago
i (L) green sooo mUch..=",= ;-)

friendly~friend  ·  long ago
This made me think of my mom, she used to call me her sweet pea. Thank you. Your so awesome!:-)(L)

سجاد  ·  long ago
سلام این خیلی بده همه چی پولیه

Nirmalya  ·  long ago
c¡l¦Z q­u­R ! (Y)

Gloria  ·  long ago
Green is a serene color, and add to that smile it's even more. Beautiful

buding from porac  ·  long ago
ot kalwat????? :-D

Harry  ·  long ago
Simply, your artwork is Second to None !! :-) (Y) (Y) (Y)

gr8  ·  long ago
thats so sweet!!!!

mediaproducer9@yahoo.com  ·  long ago
Art should be fun at times and this is one of those moments! :-D Hay Vlad, I did not get a reply for the wallpaper no.232 titled "a message" I'm still courious... keep up the amazing work! dante

elina  ·  long ago
Tak prijatna kamuta darit ulibki!

Lawrence  ·  long ago
It is a nice wallpaper :-)

atena  ·  long ago
nice nice nice wallpaper but nicer the title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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