The White Crow


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  31 August 2012
I met Andrey a year ago, to deliver him my book he bought. He was busy preparing for opening his "The White Crow" cafe, which soon turned out to  be most comfortable place in Irkutsk to spend some time with a cup of cappuccino. Today, the cafe turns one year old, so here is  my modest gift! I imagine it must be incredibly hard to run a public business, such as this cafe, especially in Russia. Still, Andrey and his family seem to have both strength to keep going, and good taste to keep the atmosphere. Happy birthday! Vkontakte, map.

Lim Lian Tze  ·  31 August 2012
That made me feel like a cuppa too. Getting one now (and downloading the wallpaper) Thanks!

roberta  ·  31 August 2012
nice, especially when i have a cup ready to drink. Happy birthday

coffeegrinder  ·  31 August 2012
Great wall, looks just like me before my first coffee of the day!

Heidi  ·  31 August 2012
Lovely as always (and tempting to make myself another cup of cappuccino). The little worms are one of those great details I love so much about your work. Thank you! :)

tamalita  ·  31 August 2012
wonderful story to go with this one :) now I need to grab a cappuccino :) thank you!!

Loretta Yeo  ·  31 August 2012
What a wonderful celebration gift! I wish continued success to Andrey and The White Crow. Almost makes me want to visit Irkutsk. Thanks, Vlad.

Barbra Ignatiev  ·  31 August 2012
Hehe cute!

Nion  ·  31 August 2012
The wallpaper is wonderful, and crows are so cute ! Thank you.

Ziani  ·  1 September 2012
Love it, thanks.

Ольга  ·  1 September 2012
обожаю Ваши работы, и эта не стала исключением!

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  1 September 2012
Ольга - спасибо большое пребольшое :)

AMPIT  ·  2 September 2012

Bernhard  ·  4 September 2012
Cooooool. I think a café honored with such a nice picture must be kinda extremely cosy, warm and cuddly to drop in during the dark and cold winterdays in your area. Congratulations to you for this nice picture, and to the café-owner for running an warm island in a cold ocean. :-)

Tim Norton  ·  9 September 2012
I love it but before I use it, are there any restrictions to modifying it and using it on an e-commerce site?

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  9 September 2012
Tim - this wallpaper is free for personal use. For commercial use, usual rules apply - please click Royalty-free license link to read more. Thanks!

Виолетта  ·  11 September 2012
А как скачать

Tusnelda  ·  11 September 2012
Wonderful as always!

Nanette  ·  12 September 2012
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, make à clock of this too cute picture... I love it too much... Is it possible . just to make me smile when i open my computer at the office... Have a good day Vlad..

May Dequillo  ·  12 September 2012
Love iiitttt!!

Livanco  ·  16 September 2012
У нас так называется магазин канцтоваров в Ижевске

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