The Witch

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Vlad Gerasimov 24 October 2017
Watch out for your shadow on  a Halloween night!
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A 24 October 2017
Oh boy am I so glad you're back!
MB 25 October 2017
True story!
Livanco 25 October 2017
Красивая текстура !
Ozgur Ozan Cakmak 27 October 2017
YAY vlad is back!
Roberta Hudgins 28 October 2017
i cant't wait to see my shadow!
Coz 30 October 2017
Oh lovely! This one is very cute. And I'm glad to see you're back! I love your wallpapers so much!
Heidi Olson 31 October 2017
Welcome back!!
Adam 4 November 2017
Edward Johnson 6 November 2017
Great wallpapers! Finest in the world!
Evan Morse 6 November 2017
Just came back to the site to find a high res version of an oldy and instead found new stuff! It's great to see you posting again. :)
Thomas Warratz 7 November 2017
I have to chime in. You are back with posting wallpapers and I'm happy about it. It is always interesting to see if you have created something new when i start my computer. I especially love this wallpaper perhaps partly because these are my colors. :) Thx for posting again, you are much appreciated.
Salamut Po 24 January 2018
Hi please add me to your free wallpaper mailing list. Thanks!
Julia Ejiofor 20 March 2018
Would love to see a version where she's smiling
张赤墨 4 April 2019
Thanks!! Great wallpapers!
fernando 6 June 2021
Brenda Stensland 6 September 2023
it would be amazing to see a series of witches wallpapers :)