Full Moon


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Vlad Gerasimov 13 November 2017
The idea is not in any way original, but I wanted to explore it anyway. Hope you like it! For V.
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vasam 13 November 2017
Very nice wallpaper! Thanks! :-) Any chance you'll support the new iPhone X's atypical resolution/aspect ratio as well some time in the future? :-)
Crystal 14 November 2017
Loving this wallpaper!
Kelcey 14 November 2017
I'm so pleased you went exploring Vlad, I just love what you found:)
pfennig59 14 November 2017
I woke up half an hour ago and saw the moon in this state, laying a little on its back, though. I'll go looking for the rest. Give me two weeks. Very nice wallpaper, and thank you for fixing the titles and descriptions.
Roberta Hudgins 14 November 2017
Robert Oskandy 22 November 2017
Love the wallpaper, any chance you could make it for the iPhone X?
Vlad Gerasimov 22 November 2017
Robert: done!
vasam 22 November 2017
Vlad: Many thanks!!!
Seckin 6 December 2017
This reminds me of "They Stole the Moon 2008" :)
MBrown 10 December 2017
I like this. It kind of goes with those "who stole the moon" ones you did earlier.
Preaw 28 October 2018
Feel warm =)
Chloe 26 November 2018
안녕하세요 15 December 2018
와우 좋아요
Mike 7 February 2019
Reminds me of the Pixar short "La Luna", simply beautiful!
XuJay 3 April 2019
I set this as wallpaper for all my devices. Laptop, iPad,iPhone and E-book. My friend said this felt a little bit sad, but I really love this complicate feeling. Really love your design. Fortunately I bought a lifetime account several years ago. Best wishes for Vald from China.
VVLee 15 April 2019
khalil zhang 27 May 2019
acfenati 10 January 2020
It turned out adorable!!
Ashe 5 January 2021
Lisa 5 August 2021
very good