The Shooting Star

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Vlad Gerasimov 20 November 2017
Because it's never too early for the new Christmas wallpapers! Ho-ho-ho!
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Roberta Hudgins 20 November 2017
now it is definitely Christmas! thank you
Nick Khomchuk 24 November 2017
Great as always! Thanks, Vlad!
Patty 24 November 2017
I love it! Merry Christmas to you & yours!
Monika 28 November 2017
Thank you! Christmas is coming :-)
Jessica Schneider 30 November 2017
YAY! I was so thrilled to see many new wallpapers after not having visited in a while. Thank you so much! :D
yangrant 7 December 2017
Stopped by the site today on a whim, and saw that you're drawing again. Brilliant! That has cheered me up, and I like your new more angular stuff. Thank you Vlad
Carlos 23 November 2018
Got to love your art Vlad!
Tiffolio 9 December 2018
I've enjoyed your wallpapers for a few years now, and its great to see the new ones that you've created. They're beautiful! Happy Holidays to you and yours!
VVLee 15 April 2019
so romantic!
edgar 23 November 2020
Julie 14 December 2020
Thank you, dear. Loved you for years!