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Vlad Gerasimov 20 April 2021

(Short version)
Let me just say I enjoyed drawing this from start to finish (which took several days).

(Long version)
I've had this picture in  my head for quite some time. And I also wanted to try "digital watercolor" painting style. And I also wanted to continue studying Pixelmator Pro. The only missing ingredient was time (and energy).

I left my office job a couple of weeks ago, and decided to not search for another full-time job for at least several months. With this "temporary retirement", I hope to pursue my personal projects, and of course, Vlad.studio website is  my first priority! I  am looking forward to making it better, and of course, drawing drawing drawing. Oh  I missed that!

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Roberta Hudgins 20 April 2021
I really like the details in this one, well done!
Alex 21 April 2021
That's a great picture and it's 96 dpi instead of 72 dpi like most other works!
sandoristi 22 April 2021
Super, great work, I already changed my desktop wallpaper!
Joe Vains 22 April 2021
Very nice work, again. :)
Jadranka 22 April 2021
Beautiful! I like the suit!
Wandb 22 April 2021
Make me feel peace. It is nice to see this pic in the noon.
Workbench 22 April 2021
Good Work
David Mochales 22 April 2021
I like it, I look forward to future jobs
Ibims 22 April 2021
It seems that this nice wallpaper woodworking is currently not included in the Premium zip file.
weihemoming 22 April 2021
very nice!!!1
Сергей 22 April 2021
Eric Goujou 22 April 2021
Again and again.. Beautiful !
Ronan 22 April 2021
Love it, reminds me of a poster I had in my room when I was a kid, Lots of detail.
t 22 April 2021
very nice
Nice, nice!!
Carol 22 April 2021
Another sweet and lovely piece of art. I particularly like his little striped shirt. Thank you! (And enjoy your creative sojourn!)
Melanie 22 April 2021
Fantastic detail! I especially like that the chisel missing from the rack is the one in his/her hand!
mimi sato 22 April 2021
lovely, as usual thank you for your talent
Leila 22 April 2021
So cute
Oleg 22 April 2021
впечатлен!!! интересно и так хотел бы
M.Chisum 22 April 2021
Love, love, love this!!
Luca 26 April 2021
I'm happy to see you drawing again !!
Great, very a great work ! You are the best.
Charles 12 May 2021
Alison 17 May 2021
Alison 17 May 2021
I god gold.Thank you
Cristina 28 May 2021
muy hermosos todos los diseños, desde pequeña los busco para ponerlos en la pantalla del computador y los relogs como app me fascinan
Václav Regner 12 June 2021
Super, super, super.
Yue 8 July 2021
very beautiful
Ewen_Chen 27 July 2021
I like it
Hugh Jass 22 August 2021
I approve…
即使当年 4 September 2021
Tatyana pogrebnyak 6 September 2021
Bill 9 September 2021
Great image. Thanks!
MBrown 9 September 2021
Really like the textures and all the little details. Fun.
Luis 11 October 2021
Adrian Chaverri Coto 28 November 2021
¡ Qué trabajo más cuidadoso ! Me gustan los colores.
Francisco Rodríguez 24 January 2022
Muy buen gusto. ¡Excelentes trabajos! Gracias
ValorHeart 24 February 2022
Shelley Evans 11 May 2022
Congratulations on your retirement! You have made my work at my computer happy for decades now! I look forward to more!
Love this! 17 March 2023
It is exactly what I was looking for. Have enjoyed your images for years now. So glad I found you and your beautiful images.