Celestial Cat (Light)


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Vlad Gerasimov 7 April 2021

12 April, International Day of Human Space Flight, is coming. And there is  no better way to celebrate it than with a cat!

I was originally inspired by Kamwei Fong, but added my own touch. I also recorded the drawing process – take a look.

Darker version is available here.

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Bernadette Goncharova 7 April 2021
Definitely no better way of celebrating it!! Thank you!!
Slimeyapple 7 April 2021
♥️ long time fan of your work!
Maria Feliz Salazar 7 April 2021
Love it. Reminds me of my Russian Blue cats and also love that Gemini is largely in focus.
Teresa Santos 8 April 2021
Roberta Hudgins 8 April 2021
This is definitely going to be one of my favorites!
Sue James 9 April 2021
Wonderful! :) I have downloaded both the light and dark - and am currently enjoying both - one on each of my two monitors. I love your art work!
Michele 9 April 2021
Love! Thank you for sharing your joyful art with the world!
Tlp Nsk 9 April 2021
Very nice, as usual !!
Halina 9 April 2021
Uwielbiam od dawien dawna Twoje prace !
Aurora 10 April 2021
Muchas gracias! Me encanta!
Gianni Maragakis 12 April 2021
Beautiful work. Thank you.
Niklas Light 12 April 2021
Как всегда лучше всех! Спасибо Влад! С праздником
jiangweiyong 30 May 2021
wen 28 December 2021