Celestial Cat (Dark)


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Vlad Gerasimov 7 April 2021

12 April, International Day of Human Space Flight, is coming. And there is  no better way to celebrate it than with a cat!

I was originally inspired by Kamwei Fong, but added my own touch. I also recorded the drawing process – take a look.

Lighter version is available here.

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Tomas Hejda 7 April 2021
Great work! One of your best! I can't choose between this one and the light one!
Laura 7 April 2021
Lovely! You're creativity keeps on coming... Thank you for your art work...
Martha 7 April 2021
So cute!!
Paula Moreira 8 April 2021
Love cats Love moon 2 in 1
smallscorpion 8 April 2021
Mario Lanini 8 April 2021
thank's for your job...
Yenirodri 8 April 2021
So cool!
Elmira Nami 2 May 2021
Thank u s0o0o much
Pam 2 June 2021
Thank you so much for both ♥
hank 4 June 2021
thank you for your share~
Rey 5 August 2021
Love this
123 16 August 2021
Amelia 11 September 2021
Sooo cute! Appreciate so much!
AITING 13 September 2021
wuw 18 November 2021
so cute
nature81123 18 November 2021
it is cute and simple. I like it!
blahblah 18 November 2021
Wow! This is such a cute one! LOOOOVE it!
seda 13 March 2022
Harika!! çok şirin çok Sevdim. Teşekkürler