Christmas Alien Abduction

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Vlad Gerasimov 4 December 2018
Merry Christmas to everyone on every planet! :-)
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Mr.Dragon 4 December 2018
WOW! Merry Christmas VLAD!
Merry Christmass to You and your Family Vlad. All the best for the New Year.
D Gohmann 4 December 2018
Spectacular. Merry Christmas!!
4 December 2018
Nimbo 4 December 2018
Very beautiful. Thank you for the new artwork.
Lourdes 4 December 2018
Fantastic Beautiful. THANKS YOU
Roberta Hudgins 4 December 2018
hahaha. I guess it is Christmas all over the galaxy!
Delia Castillo 5 December 2018
Love it!!! Merry Christmas!
Luisa 5 December 2018
Stupendo! Very Beautiful! thanks and Merry Christmas to you
Kris Johnson 6 December 2018
I love it. Gave me the best laugh of the week.
Carlitos X 7 December 2018
BEAUTIFUL!!! TYSM Vlad!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!
HristijanGjorgjievski 8 December 2018
Chrismast Wowwwwww
Livanco 9 December 2018
НЛО Класс!!!
jessikm 10 December 2018
NINA 11 December 2018
xiaodong Fan 11 December 2018
nice thank you
margot guerra 13 December 2018
As always, wonderful work! Thank you!
1 19 February 2019
jinx 19 February 2019
Ellie 22 July 2019
heysean 21 December 2019
Sally 17 February 2020
guairen 6 March 2020
thank that i love it
AOKI 16 March 2020
好きです ありがとうございます。
Chris 25 March 2020
u are the best u inspired me how to be a better alien my name is funny mud pee.
keshav 29 July 2020
khjhs100757 30 November 2020
Thanks for your sharing! It's awesome!
Frank 18 May 2021
I always think I am that picky kind of person and I find it really difficult to find a work i like. But your work is just amazing.
青阳 10 August 2021
Jam 22 December 2023
a rather egocentric christian view of our universe, i like it anyway or because of it!?