Le flot du temps

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 August 2007
Spirals in the background made with pen on paper, then scanned. Curves in the center made with ContextFree, all the rest in Photoshop, as usually. Hope you like it! :-)

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s.m.k  ·  long ago
love it

فقط ح  ·  long ago

The CookieMaker  ·  long ago
I always love your pictures and each time you come out with a new one it becomes my wallpaper. This one is especially good. Thanks. Keep up the good work

Khoa Tran  ·  long ago
Excellent, I love it!

Anto  ·  long ago

Mohammed Korashy  ·  long ago
So Nice And Historical, Well Done

sam  ·  long ago
i don know wat to say! amazing, there is a kind of passion in it!

Gwenerrella the Penguin  ·  long ago
Absolutely gorgeous!! Clean, rich and striking visually. Great job Vlad!

aloen  ·  long ago
nice!!! it help to remind me to study hard, because time is flowing fast...

Thomas  ·  long ago
Wonderful! I will print this on a poster for my sleeping room.

李琼  ·  long ago
真好看! so good.. i like it ...

Sebastian  ·  long ago
Aah, really magical and alive, nice one

Lilian  ·  long ago

^manicho  ·  long ago
I love your works man, great style!

Komakino  ·  long ago
Absolutely lovely desktop, thank you for your work :)

Alessar  ·  long ago
Simply magical! I love it!

J.P.  ·  long ago
Nice light texture

Hi!  ·  long ago
Hello! I love your work!

anon  ·  long ago
perfect! thank you for sharing all your masterpieces! :)

outofcheese  ·  long ago

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