Day And Night

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  22 April 2004
inspired by  a photo taken by the crew on board the Columbia, I took two photos from NASA (day and night) and combined them into one.

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Doc  ·  long ago

  ·  long ago
Ïðîñòî íåò ñëîâ!!!

rohini  ·  long ago
Vlad this is so cool i wish i had it hanging on my wall. It seems so realistic.(y)

smarties  ·  long ago
awesome stuff man... :P

Gaëll  ·  long ago
magnifique... c'est un de mes préférés !!!!

Korean  ·  long ago
Jolly Good ~ :-O

Mario  ·  long ago
This piece is masterfully done. Your work is the best I've seen......period.

Megan  ·  long ago
wow this was a great piece....i love how the colors complement eachother....but i have a question; do you paint these or create them on a computer? or something else? becuase they are VERY excellent! Great job!!!! :-)

Spike  ·  long ago
Hola Muy Muy BUENO, Lo mejor el wallpapers, saludos desde CHILE

Ragen-Dragon  ·  long ago
I do a lot of art myself and your work just makes me want to do more. Its funny the similarities I see in some of our art (even stuff I did 5 years ago.). Keep up the great work and thanks for the Inspiration.

James  ·  long ago
wallpaper riquíssimo em criatividade e cores. Parabéns!!(y) ;-) Bahia/Brazil

Kilhor  ·  long ago
Awesome! Can you have it in 1400x 1050 which is a resolution of many recent IBM ThinPads ?

amir khosro  ·  long ago

Terdog  ·  long ago
Awesome! This is the BEST place on the net to grab wallpapers, no where else even comes close!

Barb  ·  long ago
Would love to see this added to your ecard selection. Love it.

resographics  ·  long ago
Hi the very best Site in the NET for Wallpapers and Graphics !

Aubry  ·  long ago
Interesting & inspiring :-o

Dhiraj  ·  long ago
Something look new from others.(Y)

Sonny  ·  long ago
maan hold up this is sick web to get this paper. ill will

Deb  ·  long ago

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