Vlad Gerasimov  ·  8 December 2005
Another christmas theme for your desktop! Shapes created with ContextFree. Looks best at night, with lights and heating turned off :-)

matt hawaii  ·  long ago
(N) wah wallpapersnya kagak bisa di download ! It's NOT GOOD

KRYSTIN BITCH!!  ·  long ago
(U) (L) (N) (N) (N) ITS SUX LOL JK!!

Eric  ·  long ago
i like it too

branislav srbija  ·  long ago
svaka cast majstore

Sasha BGD  ·  long ago
its greats and happy birthday

Silvy  ·  long ago

anon  ·  long ago
excellent; your abstracts are my favorites (Y)

Niki  ·  long ago
Too good.............

AAA  ·  long ago
excellent! A+++

adins  ·  long ago
Great! Thanks

paris hilton  ·  long ago

nina  ·  long ago
betsattelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (y)

freddy  ·  long ago
this wallpaper sux

fatih  ·  long ago
beautiful thanks

mina  ·  long ago

Cristina  ·  long ago
Awesome!!! :-O

soyoloo  ·  long ago
it`s my favourite winter

phontanka  ·  long ago
Fantastic! Vladstudio makes the best wallpapers ever! Absolutely astonishing artwork!

  ·  long ago
Êëàññíûé ñàéò...ÏÐÎÑÒÎ ÊËÀÑÑÑ!(Y)(L);-)

shakman  ·  long ago
goyo is Beautiful.,Fantastic!good..I'm mongolia(Y)

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