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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  17 April 2004
5 minutes in Bryce, then 30 hours of rendering, then 5 hours in Photoshop, then 1 minute to upload. Inspired by Moby.

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STOMM  ·  long ago
...Muito bom,ideias novas sao bem vindas e a de vcs,arrasou!!!!!!

vanochten05  ·  long ago

alex mc  ·  long ago
absolutely awesome!! ;-)

buy cialis  ·  long ago
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!

naveed k k  ·  long ago
allwas speek trouth

Ashwin  ·  long ago
pizo56 - This is not his main source of income. Just read the homepage.

Rajesh  ·  long ago
Gr8 pic (Y)

MAGGIE  ·  long ago
good job !!!!! but could do better !!!! : - S

Nicko  ·  long ago
AWSOME!!!!!! (y) :-D

sachin Joshi  ·  long ago
Your works is your god in your mind every thing is beautiful keep working "wishes"

WTF  ·  long ago
How do you download this damn thing?

Fhernd  ·  long ago
Greetings from Colombia ¡Excelente! / Excellent! ¡Hasta pronto!

pizo56  ·  long ago
moby is a fag your gay.....give him your money.....if you support that kinda crap. sorry.....just dont like gays. they can change and they know it. thier just more perverted than most people. and it IS a sickness!!

pizo56  ·  long ago
I would NEVER pay money for a wallpaper I and I repeat "i" would never pay for the kinda stuff you are doing, I could make 20 x better wallpaper. and animated for most platforms and intergrate them into any window manager. your pathetic. get a new job. People don't pay this guy.......sounds like a failed graphic design artist to me.

Tauheed  ·  long ago
Nice Work


Princess  ·  long ago
(L) I think I'm in love (L)!!!!

maya  ·  long ago
hi vlad i like ur work a lot how do u do this can u show me?

jason  ·  long ago
hey nice(y)

dms813  ·  long ago
I love this one. It looks like the Earth is a gigantic eye for some colossal robot. Well, that's what I see, anyway.

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