Squares 2

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  26 September 2007
Another color variation of previous wallpaper. This is very simple abstract wallpaper, for easy desktop, originally designed as wallpaper clock (you can find it  in Wall Clocks Gallery)

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LucasDT  ·  long ago
I liked blue better... though green is Banfield color (the soccer team I'm fun of). Nice one

Jay Reyes (Manila, Philippines)  ·  long ago
Green apple :) looks delectable *smiles*

Sebastian  ·  long ago
Looks nice, but a bit flat. Think it wouldve been cool if you made it with the tunnel effect, more deeper and alive.

Linda  ·  long ago
There's something wonderfully retro about this paper... I must be thinking of my Mom's green "Shag" carpet. This one goes on my screen :) How fun! Thanks!

Erin  ·  9 February 2008
Very Nice

Rich Guere  ·  15 March 2008
Is there any chance we'll see this and other 'older' walls updated for the 3360x1050 dual screen size?

qonita  ·  30 October 2010
how you do this all???

qonita  ·  30 October 2010
how you do this all???

april  ·  31 October 2010
what a cool website!!

Matt  ·  3 December 2010

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