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Vlad Gerasimov 12 August 2007
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lalabridget long ago
awww! so precious - i LOVE it ;) xoxoxo bridget
colaa long ago
íå ñóïåð, íî êðàñèâî ))
diegocab long ago
blocker long ago
eva francis long ago
They are all simply enchanting!!
Feng Shaun long ago
simply wow
qballkubal long ago
awesome!!! Love it!
Michele long ago
My new favorite wallpaper. Thank you!
Moo long ago
Reminds me of Finding Nemo... I love the octopus!
Ampit long ago
Beutiful again!
Caline long ago
It's so funny to see that octopus reading so interested the octopus book... How nice is that anglerfish. Maybe it' s an octopus fairy tale?
alessandro long ago
this is sooo FUNNY
Dia long ago
i love it! could you please make a whale wallpaper sometime?
Kedar long ago
^ ^ C( .)( .)L Wallpaper..... L \_/ Hey God! Think If Mr Vlad were design world How it would Looks.........
Mohammed Korashy long ago
The fish looks like she is waiting the octopus tell her what he is reading, it's better to be important or leads to arevolution for the fish world !, not just a cocking book or reading about his copetitors! or he will have abad endings !!
John C. long ago
Vlad, Your pictures make so many people smile and feel good. Congratulations! and thank you for sharing them with us...your talent is truly a gift. :). USA, Clinton, Tennessee
penny long ago
funny &magic
若若 long ago
Christie long ago
Greetings from Argentina! I really admire your work! Congratulations for such a huge success!
A long ago
jarar long ago
haroon dintoonik hi
Emily long ago
What a helpful fish! Well done.
Louis long ago
katie long ago
this is sooo FUNNY i love it
PSM long ago
哈哈 认识中文么~各位?
ernesto barba long ago
margarida long ago
i love it
disha long ago
Craig long ago
One of my favorites! Incredible colors. The water background make a great tutorial.
Laeriel long ago
Like it!
Chris long ago
Fishy Fishy!
darthvinyll long ago
Cynthia long ago
Awesome!. I love it!. Thanks heaps!
THUGLIVE long ago
Tapety są nieziemskie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gratulacje dla twórcy/ów !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
coyote long ago
Love it!! I especially like the contrast between the blue background and red fish ;) Thanks!
Peter Brennan long ago
All wallpapers are classics. Thankyou. I use a 1680x1050 widescreen as main (left) as main and a 1280x1024 (right). How do I work out best dual monitor wall resolution? Advice appreciated.
FUNNY 26 January 2008
上海=shanghai 晓得伐 SB们
Douglas Glod 10 February 2008
barış 25 March 2008
çok güzel
Aline - brazilian girl 26 June 2008
adorei, obrigada
Maciej 13 November 2009
Absolutely great sense of humor! Awesome!
11 January 2010
like it
Oma Gusto 5 February 2010
the big fish helping the little fish, how nice. maybe we can all learn something from that
mihir 8 June 2010
very funny and good picture helpful fish
rapkids1996 29 December 2011
very very nice! i love it
Baby Ice 10 January 2014
It's so happy to realize that I know several English words. 那你们能看懂中文不?嘻嘻。