Christmas Train

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Vlad Gerasimov 21 November 2008
Choo-choo :-)
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pfennig59 21 November 2008
You're on roll, today, Vlad. Thank you. The (literally) cheesy looking moon is nice, too.
Leonel Macias 21 November 2008
looks really nice! thanks :)
Christina (Australia) 21 November 2008
Beautiful colours in this one Vlad, so vibrant & happy. Thank-you v.much for your wonderful Christmassy wallpapers, you have spoilt us all once again! Merry Christmas in advance! Love from the land Down-Under! xox
molletta 21 November 2008
ЮЮХХУУ!! Новогодняя серия просто супер! Продолжай в том же духе :))
BElla 21 November 2008
This is EXACTLY what i wanted!!! Thank u soo much!
BUBUR 22 November 2008
Very nice, Vlad !
Joe 22 November 2008
Vlad you are a star...You are the first one to give me the Christmas gift as wall papers.I'm lost for words..just admiring all of them......Wish you Merry christmas....
marcus 22 November 2008
Lovely and beautifull as allways. Thx again Vlad Merry Christmas for you and your family Grtz from Ostend, Belgium
leti 22 November 2008
Thank you very much!!! Feliz Navidad para ti :)
Georgia Compton 25 November 2008
This makes me so very happy now that it is cloudy and cold here! What a wonderful way for me to check my Email each day with this beautiful and so talented design! I smile each time I see it. Thank You, Vlad!!
小刚 26 November 2008
Tril 30 November 2008
Andrew Sorkin 3 December 2008
This is great. I'd like to see a copy without the train.
Lina 4 December 2008
Feels like a fairy-tale...
peter 12 December 2008
cute :-))
Mónika 19 December 2008
Josh Drake 22 December 2008
Yet another great wallpaper. Thanks!
Josh Drake 22 December 2008
Oh darn - I have to pay for it...what a ripoff! Well, I guess you have to make a living too...
Coyote 30 December 2008
Trains are always great for Christmas ! Thank You !!
HUYSUZBALIK 27 January 2009
This is perfect. I always use your background pictures and like them very much. Thanks...
Nina 25 September 2009
ООО!!! Одна из моих любимых работ! прям целый паровоз подарков)))))) Спасибо!!!
Al 21 October 2009
Love your Christmas images, Vlad. Just to give some perspective from the other hemisphere, we'd love some Christmas images that are not 'euro winter'. However, if I google "Summer Christmas" all I get is british backpackers with their shirts off! Our Christmas is 35 degrees celius with seafood and beach cricket!
alex 22 October 2009
it is good and beautiful
Tud 25 October 2009
Polar Express :)
2 December 2009
pickleeeee 13 December 2009
Michael 18 December 2009
Lovely image and the animated e-card is great too. What is the name of the funny song used in the e-card?
marksteve 21 December 2009
That is really astounding and astonishing wallpaper.
hooni 28 December 2009
крошка 1 February 2010
крошка 1 February 2010
Cheetu Khan 16 September 2010
Simply guys are amazing.
ali 28 February 2012
thanks , thanks, and thanks again
Diana L. 1 December 2012
I love it!
liana gabi 13 November 2019
CarenS 5 September 2020
I'd love to be on this train ride...LOL. I wonder where the next stop will be.
EllCee58 22 December 2022
This is one of my favorite Christmas pictures. I'd love to be taking a trip on this train!