Early Morning


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Vlad Gerasimov 27 November 2018
I simply cannot stop drawing these curves. Please bear with me :-)
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Marianne 27 November 2018
Different from most Vlad, but I really like.
D 27 November 2018
I used to have that phase at school. ;) I was told, drawing lines was letting me release negative energy.
Péter 27 November 2018
This is simply the perfect wallpaper at the right time. Was looking for something different darker, still simple and elegant. Thanks :)
Vlad Gerasimov 27 November 2018
D - exactly so! Peter - happy to hear that! Marianne - thank you!
Mr.Dragon 28 November 2018
I can see the hills, the grasslands, the mist,and the sunshine.
Geoff 28 November 2018
Even with all the clutter of my desktop, this background is so peaceful
Kelcey 28 November 2018
Kat Cornell 28 November 2018
Love, love, love this one!
IRINI 30 November 2018
Tuan Anh Tran 30 November 2018
omg, you're back at it! So many new wallpapers. Love it
Stephanie Jobe 3 December 2018
I've been loving the new ones but my obsession with teal makes this one extra
Jaideep Nadkarni 8 December 2018
Subtle, smooth, classy as ever!
Hope 10 December 2018
Love this! So serene and the colors are enchanting
Pegah 3 January 2019
it is awesome
Iris 5 January 2019
Peaceful !
赵旭东 19 January 2019
allie 20 March 2019
good, i like it
Helios 15 April 2019
rangnixiao 27 April 2019
Kay 5 June 2019
Liz 10 September 2019
Nice and neutral happy tones for work.
小土豆 13 November 2019
lidea 23 January 2020
I like very much
Khanh La Minh 13 April 2020
Really like it. Simple, yet elegant!
Claudina 23 June 2020
杜可风 20 November 2020
Brenda Stensland 7 February 2021
my new iterm background. love it Vlad!
Elena 17 April 2021
Just fantastic!
a 19 April 2021
CarenS 26 September 2021
ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I just got new iPhone 13 in the blue and this matches PERFECTLY. You've done it again Vlad.