Flooded World Map


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Vlad Gerasimov 17 February 2011
This is more or less accurate rendering of how Earth surface would look if there would be more water on  it (50 to 100 meters, cannot tell more precisely because the image I used for reference did not include measurements). If  I find the map of ocean levels, I hope to also create similar map but with less water than now. Answering your possible questions - no  it is not about 2012, apocalypsis, or humanity in general. It's simply geologic curiosity :-)
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LucasDT 17 February 2011
Look that I need a snorkel :S
Иван 17 February 2011
Это научные данные?
Vlad Gerasimov 17 February 2011
Иван - да. Вот картинка, которую я использовал. Yes, here is the NASA image I used for reference: http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view_detail.php?id=8391
Sotirios Soulantikas 17 February 2011
This is pretty scary too... Can't see my house; Athens is flooded!!! I'll be lining in a pineapple under the see...
Vyvyan 17 February 2011
Sotiri les xazomares.
Иван 17 February 2011
Значит из Питера в Псковской области мне не спастись...
Misha Granin 18 February 2011
Please fix it! get back our lake Baikal! But maybe I don't know your scenario: Generally all inland water is removed from your map that's ok if we say we remove all water at all and then just pur it just into ocean and don't allow more rains or icemelt :-) Create even "better" scenario! Scare us more! Combine it with world lights map! And specially for optimists, it would be fun but, there is some science behind it and something beyond science, read on http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/2009/10/oceans-are-coming.html
Vlad Gerasimov 18 February 2011
Misha: you are right! I overlooked the lakes. I fixed this mistake and updated all the images.
Jeremy Kemp 21 February 2011
Why do your maps end up chopping off New Zealand??? I thought you loved it when you visited! ;)
Vladimir 14 March 2011
Memphis 17 March 2011
Как хорошо, что я живу возле Байкала.)
Mike Lonetti 23 March 2011
Love it!
Lou 26 April 2011
What's really weird is that the peices still look like they would fit together using these land masses 8)
Belle 11 August 2011
This and your 'dried world map' are really interesting! i'm afraid my home in California would be a ghost town, though! :(
M 8 September 2011
I love this picture although I hope this would be never happen I don't think that it's so pleasant....:) And about 2012: we won't die out we'll just get to a higher level and our life will be better. At least I've read this. Best wishes from Hungary!
J 10 October 2011
I died :(
Marianela 15 January 2012
:O estoy sumergida jaja
Emilio 13 November 2012
OMG all your wallpapers are so cute! Keep it on!
just 28 November 2013
I know that it would not look like this. Because water would not just raise, most of the water from horizontal middle would go to north and south poles. So place nearest poles would be entirely under water , and in the middle there would much more land. And maybe it would look more scary, awesome i do not know your opinion, but definetely it would be more realistic.
Coconie 17 September 2019
Thank you! Now I get different wallpapers in 30 days!