Full Moon

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  14 November 2017
The idea is not in any way original, but I wanted to explore it anyway. Hope you like it! For V.

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vasam  ·  14 November 2017
Very nice wallpaper! Thanks! :-) Any chance you'll support the new iPhone X's atypical resolution/aspect ratio as well some time in the future? :-)

Crystal  ·  14 November 2017
Loving this wallpaper!

Kelcey  ·  14 November 2017
I'm so pleased you went exploring Vlad, I just love what you found:)

pfennig59  ·  14 November 2017
I woke up half an hour ago and saw the moon in this state, laying a little on its back, though. I'll go looking for the rest. Give me two weeks. Very nice wallpaper, and thank you for fixing the titles and descriptions.

Roberta Hudgins  ·  15 November 2017

Robert Oskandy  ·  23 November 2017
Love the wallpaper, any chance you could make it for the iPhone X?

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  23 November 2017
Robert: done!

vasam  ·  23 November 2017
Vlad: Many thanks!!!

Seckin  ·  7 December 2017
This reminds me of "They Stole the Moon 2008" :)

MBrown  ·  10 December 2017
I like this. It kind of goes with those "who stole the moon" ones you did earlier.

Preaw  ·  29 October 2018
Feel warm =)

Chloe  ·  26 November 2018

안녕하세요  ·  15 December 2018
와우 좋아요

Mike  ·  8 February
Reminds me of the Pixar short "La Luna", simply beautiful!

XuJay  ·  3 April
I set this as wallpaper for all my devices. Laptop, iPad,iPhone and E-book. My friend said this felt a little bit sad, but I really love this complicate feeling. Really love your design. Fortunately I bought a lifetime account several years ago. Best wishes for Vald from China.

VVLee  ·  15 April

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