Old Kyiv


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Vlad Gerasimov 25 May 2022
This picture is dedicated to Kiev (Kyiv), a capital of Ukraine. It is loosely based on a 13-th century map - this is what center of Kyiv looked like ~900 years ago! The original map also included the city wall - however, I decided not to wrap the buildings into the wall, since in my dream world, a city would not need walls.
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Kelcey 25 May 2022
This is incredibly lovely Vlad. I think we all hope that Kiev can be rebuilt to its former beauty one day soon.
Robert Streeter 26 May 2022
This is a beautiful piece of art. I enjoy all of your work
Izzy 26 May 2022
Thanks from Kyiv)
Rick 26 May 2022
If old cities had been depicted like this in my textbooks, I might have paid more attention! Beautifully done - and I think your decision to not include the old city wall is correct. Thanks for another beautiful piece of art!
Teresa 26 May 2022
No one can truly destroy what we hold close to our hearts…let us continue to hold these dear people close to ours… Thank you for your inspiring work…
Nancy 26 May 2022
This is really wonderful, the timing is great...
Roberta Hudgins 26 May 2022
Sheila 26 May 2022
Your idea of eliminating the wall is such a nice idea- perhaps the wall could become a 4x4 brick wall around Putin!
Michele 29 May 2022
Lovely and peaceful.
Deejay 2 June 2022
Azzam S.A 23 August 2023
Please...Please more like this..
Azzam S.A 30 October 2023
Please draw other city too :)